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Sorry, Conservatives, Cops Are Human, Too

Nobody has any trouble believing that human being’s political preferences are, at the base, simple.

We would be astonished if the paper hats at the VFW Convention demanded a cut in veterans’ benefits.

We would be more astonished if they simply said they want all the government money they can get.

But we never apply the same human standards to occupations that conservatives are taught to worship.

The regular cops have a very broad range of opinions on gun control. But the brass hats have only one: the more the right to bear arms is regulated, the happier they are. But no one ever mentions the obvious fact that, being human beings, they do the regulating, so the more regs, the happier they are.

It would have been hard to run sheriffs’ campaigns in South Carolina without the funds brought in by making sure that a big donor got a Special Sheriff’s badge and the right to tote a gun anywhere inside the county.

I think the permit system we now have is the reason there has been such an expansion of those “Friends of the Sheriff” bumper stickers that they sell now.

The Yankee-owned “local” paper in Columbia had an article about a new bill to expand the rights of permit holders AND of citizens in general to carry weapons. The sympathy for this bill was so great that even The State paper had to report that there was really no opposition to the right to bear arms in SC.

Actually, there IS a major anti-gun lobby, and it is financed by those it lobbies. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has opposed EVERY expansion of the right to bear arms.

SLED opposed permits being handed out to people by anybody but the police. Each year, SLED demands that there be no more expansion of gun rights.

Like Mommy Professor, no one ever mentions the obvious any human being would have for his political stand that would be the first to be discussed if it were any other business but law enforcement: Under the old permit system, it was the police brass hats who gave their friends, and sold their supporters, those permits that they lost control of.

No, SLED never complains about THAT. A good lobby NEVER shows that its reaction is predictable and knee-jerk. So No one says that SLED is an anti-gun lobby.

Like Mommy Professor, they’re Objective Experts.


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