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The New Age of “I’m Here, Pay Me,” IHPM, is now unquestioned.

Nobody knows who the rebels against Kaddafi are.

But what sets this aside in history is that nobody is saying they will find out.

It never occurs to anybody that the tens of thousands of Professional Journalists and Intelligence Agencies should actually DO anything for their money.

This is the kind of thing for which, back when they had to at least PRETEND to try for results, they bit the bullet and sent me in. Actually there is some relationship between what I did in active politics and what I did in that other world.

There were a lot of classy guys like Kevin Phillips, Bill Rusher, Paul Weyrich and Pat Buchanan that Jared Taylor would have LOVED to have buddied up to — just look at the cover of my 1982 book — who TALKED about an alliance with Wallace voters and other social conservatives.

But they had as little real contact with those working stiffs as Jane Fonda or Lenin did when they talked about their love for The Working Class. I got into the homes and onto the streets with them, writing their press releases and setting up their publicity until we were overwhelmed with requests, every one of them from grassroots farmers, miners, electricians independent truckers — a list of real working people who get things done, the ones both sides were theorizing about.

I was the same way in Intelligence. Finding out “who they are” was one of my major jobs.

But the real money was, of course, a matter of fitting in, as elsewhere. I am not uncomfortable with not fitting in with the pro-white leadership.

Nobody claimed I worked for them. They hid my funding sources from each other.

In short, nothing has changed for me in my whole life time.

But the OPEN statement, as a matter of routine, that nobody knows who these people are, and, more important, the clear indication that nobody is going to find out, sort of passes a threshold nobody but me seems to have noticed.

Nobody for a long, long time has ever required any Professionals to perform, but now it is absolutely out in the open and no one cares. We have known for at least two generations that one gets paid and promoted for wearing fashionable clothes and kissing the right ….uh, playing up to the right people.

For decades, who you have lunch with is a lot more important than what you do at your desk. This is the first time we have agreed to say it in public.

The very idea that an investment counselor is supposed to show a better record than, and I mean this literally, a chimpanzee throwing darts at a board, a regular feature in the Wall Street Journal, is now openly absurd.

You get your desk or your spot as a Celebrity, not by doing anything, but by whatever the fast track is these days. Then it’s IHPM all the way.

Now we are finally SAYING so.