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You’re Always Close to the Edge on Wordism

We are Samizdat. No one imagined how soon after samizdat got legalized the Great Soviet Empire would simply disintegrate.

So we are in fact the only real Dissidents today.

Samizdat means “self-publication.” The production of information by anyone but the State under Communism, like another form of production, was illegal. The term would not translate so easily or automatically in English, where approved forms of production are allowed to be private, or done by a yourself.

But we are all perfectly aware that jail time for any production of information not approved by the Authorities is standard practice in every country except the United States. In East Germany, the Stalinist government even had a state-subsidized Social Democratic Party, just as the atheist Soviet State had its own Orthodox Church.

And we have respectable conservatives, supported by our establishment.

It is legitimate for us to claim our status as the only real dissidents. But I would suggest that NOBODY use the term “Dissident” by itself. It should at least be “pro-white Dissident.”

If you want to see the kind of experience that leads to this insistence, take a look at the Tea Party. When I signed on with the conservative movement it was insistent that the Federal enforcement of school integration was unconstitutional.

Now the Tea Party is holding special worship of Saint Martin Luther the King.

NEVER ALLY WITH ANYBODY. The establishment’s sine qua non is the end of the white race. Good National Review conservatives will sell you out as fast as a Catholic bishop would refuse to reveal child molestation.

NEVER GET OFF OF OUR SUBJECT. When you are debating it’s nice to have somebody on your side on things like states’ rights or free expression, but the same person will sell you out to the Thought Police so fast your head will swim, all in the name of True Religion or True Americanism or True Free Speech.

No more alliances.

ALL Wordists are anti-white.