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Dave Does Some Excellent Coaching for Me

Posted by Bob on April 22nd, 2011 under General

#6 by Frank on 4/9/2011 – 11:10 am
Dave, I live in a university town, so have a lot of Mommy Profs here both in the U and throughout the local political establishment. I comment in the local newsblogs, and get a word in wherever I smell anti-white, which is everywhere.

I actually use the phrase “mommy professor” in some posts, and usually with anti-white in the same sentence. The intent is to make the MPs look both silly and evil.

The question I have for you is: do you (or any other bugsters) use “mommy professor” outside of “our Thing” here? Do you recommend it? Do you see a problem with it?

Thanks for all your coach-talks!

#7 by Dave on 4/10/2011 – 2:28 am

I use “Mommy Professor” all the time and I use it in any venue I happen to be in without restraint (I regularly use the term in informal conversations with elected officials, in speaking before groups, and also at work) It is perfect because it is an underhanded way of expressing disrespect while having “cover” for being called on it.

You know the organizational game when it comes to behavioral standards: You have to keep your commentary within the bounds of “being directed toward an organizational purpose” or face discipline for having a personal agenda. You can stay within those bounds and successfully use the term “Mommy Professor”. I have never been called on it for violating organizational behavioral norms.

It is very difficult to be called on using “Mommy Professor” because you just say that you are reminding everyone, Mommy Professor’s credentials notwithstanding, that you are just dealing with opinion. The question is whether it is “informed opinion” and informed opinion adheres to people regardless of credentials. People are sick and tired of the costume of credentials anyway. Increasingly, reciting one’s credentials just makes people groan. In today’s world credentials are actually a hindrance to your credibility (outside of medicine and other technical areas where formal ratings actually matter), but kids don’t know this.

Everybody knows it is “Mommy Professor’s” tendency to hide behind her status, even though it is not uncommon for her to claim to be a renegade. (This is another thing I think people are increasingly sick of – the standard claim of Establishment people that they are anti-Establishment).

Think of Elizabeth Warren (Harvard Law Professor and Special Counsel to the President) and her pretense that she is a feared enemy of Wall Street and friend of THE CONSUMER.

I wish I had a nickel for every anti-Establishment “rebel” in the Establishment. I would be a rich man indeed. Mommy Professor LOVES to posture. Pretending she is a “rebel” is one of her most standard forms of posturing.

Believe me, Elizabeth Warren would be offended by being called “Mommy Professor” and she would have a terrible time responding. “Mommy Professor” is a great insult. It is durable, memorable, and it works.

  1. #1 by Wandrin on 04/22/2011 - 8:50 am

    I’ve been using a more commonly used local phrase for that type of person but reading this did make me realize theres something about the phrase “mommy professor” that hadn’t fully clicked before. Beside being a label it makes a point at the same time.

    If they think they’re the parents then they think we’re the children.

  2. #2 by Dick_Whitman on 04/22/2011 - 12:38 pm

    “I wish I had a nickel for every anti-Establishment “rebel” in the Establishment. I would be a rich man indeed. Mommy Professor LOVES to posture. Pretending she is a “rebel” is one of her most standard forms of posturing.” (Dave)

    Real “rebels” don’t get repeat appearances on cspan to push their books and ideas. The biggest joke “rebel” of all is Obama’s friend Bill Ayers.

    This guy swears that he’s “anti-establishment” while getting free time on cspan to advocate force integrating White children with the 3rd world. He was involved in several violent acts in the 60’s and never spent a day in jail for them. As I mentioned above, Ayers is also friends with the President. It doesn’t get any more pro-establishment than that.

    Meanwhile, real anti-establishment types (pro-Whites) can’t even organize a peaceful meeting in public. American Renaissance couldn’t rent a hotel conference room for an academic conference in the old Confederacy. David Duke went to jail for a tax crime he didn’t commit.

    The left is about as “revolutionary” as a dishrag.

    The real “rebels” today are pro-White.

  3. #3 by Frank on 04/22/2011 - 7:25 pm

    Thanks Coach, and you too Dave.

    Since asking Dave’s opinion I have been using Mommy Prof. a few times a week, where appropriate. Now I’ve had a couple of STUDENTS ask me just what I meant. I said something similar to what Wandrin suggested: “They think you are a child who can’t get along without “mommy” telling you what to think. They don’t trust you to think for yourself”.

    Many students already sense this, the intelligent ones anyway. Now they have a NAME to stick on Mommy, one they can all LAUGH at.

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