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Coach is Harder Than Guru or Leader

Posted by Bob on April 24th, 2011 under Coaching Session

I was reading a comment where a person was quoting his answer to the usual line that white people deserve to have their countries taken over by non-whites because whites invaded colored lands.

The answer to this is, as usual to get back to the Mantra point. The answer is:

“So you’re admitting to the genocide and you’re justifying genocide.”

Don’t hit them where they expect to be hit.

But when I say, I am being a coach, not a Leader or a guru, this is definitely NOT a quibble.

When a coach first meets a freshman for pre-season training, his dream is that that same complete novice will, ten years from now, be a professional player whose advice the coach would love to have.

Ninety percent of Coaches’ ambition is the same as the Leader’s: He must have DISCIPLINE.

The reason I can demand discipline here is because I had to learn that discipline over so many battles.

But the basic difference between a coach and a Leader or Mommy Professor is that saying what I say is not THE END IN ITSELF.

For example it would be a great triumph for me if you were to say to yourself, “By gum, THAT is a major reason Bob keeps slamming at the Weakest Generation! They weren’t coached, they were beaten down into butt kissers for their sergeant and later for Mommy Professor!”

I can’t train you to see the more basic points and how they relate. That is, after all, the problem you face every day fighting the Mantra War. What you are doing is forcing people to see the world picture, not just to repeat what Mommy Professor programmed into them.

When they start back into their audio track about how whites deserve it, you do not want to go into it WITH them. You drag their heads out and point to the Genocide they are justifying.

This is harder discipline than any Mommy Professor imposes on any of his kiddies. But even that harder discipline is not the only end.

Nobody insists more on your saying what I have found effective. But my hope is for more in the long run.

I want you to end up with a world view that has nothing to say about Communism except that every Red State had — and has — to keep its people prisoners. I want you to look for the world view basics on questions. For example, economics will be bullshit until someone faces the one critical economic indicator: All brown skinned countries are poor.

I know of no exceptions to this rule except where white people found oil under brown peoples’ feet. Even if I could find exceptions, you don’t abandon supply and demand because of the FACT that in a number of cases, raising the price has made a low-sale product into a luxury product that is much more in demand.

Stay on the rule.

Leaders will usually be glad to have you as long as you pay your dues and add a number to their roster.

What I want from you is a hell of a lot harder.

Harder for you and harder for me.

  1. #1 by Dick_Whitman on 04/24/2011 - 11:07 pm

    “I want you to look for the world view basics on questions.” (Bob)

    I always liked the idea of saying only what really matters. Or saying things that totally sum up a situation in a one or a few words.

    Africa for Africans. Asia for Asians. White countries for everyone is one such saying that sums up the anti-White system perfectly.

    Symbols and images are another way of saying a lot with a little.

    I challenge BUGSters to develop an idea for a symbol or an image that totally captures everything we’re trying to get across.

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