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Occam Said “Keep it Simple”

Dr. Bob’s dying advice to Bill W. on Alcoholics Anonymous, which they jointly founded, was “Keep it simple.”

Dr. Bob did not mean that the way a Marxist would, “Keep it simple because the drunks — or in the case of the Marxist — the workers, are simpletons.” In Marxism, the Intellectuals were supposed to keep their own thinking highly complex so they could be the “dictatorship of the proletariat” for the working retards.

No, the founding principle of AA was that everybody in it was a drunk. Dr. Bob was reminding Bill W to keep HIS thinking simple.

In fact, in later life Bill W started talking LSD and the like because he had an Insight that they were what HE needed, but the average drunk shouldn’t touch them.

The greatest single step forward in Western thinking was Occam’s Razor.

William of Occam said “Keep it simple.”

He was not telling the peasants to keep it simple. There wasn’t much of a peasant readership in his day.

He was telling the Intellectuals to stop arguing how, after combining the commentaries on Aristotle with pieces of theology, how many angels could stand on the point of a pin. This classical example may not be accurate, but it is no sillier than what the Scholastics DID discuss.

Occam said that a truth should contain as few assumptions as possible.

There is nothing new about our age. The Scholastics are trying desperately to discuss anything but the simple fact that brown countries are poor countries, Mongoloid countries are not original, immigration and assimilation to ALL white countries and ONLY white countries is genocide according to the Genocide Treaty.

This happens on every piece of information that is produced by any industry.

Jews, in general, are hostile to whites the same way that Poles are generally hostile to Germans. Under present rules this statement makes me anti-Polish as well as anti-Semitic. But this simple statement is as unpopular with anti-Semites as it is with the ADL.

It is simplistic. It ignores the deep scholarship one needs to expose the whole sweep of historic antipathy of Jews to the goyim, the people of the lands (around them), who, as every Jew hears every Saturday in synagogue, hates and persecutes Jews and wants to make the Jews, who are always absolutely innocent and are trying to do them good, suffer.

That’s too simple for Intellectuals on BOTH sides.

It is incredible that Occam’s Razor was ever adopted as a rule by Western science.

I like to think it was adopted because of people like me who were not embarrassed by a simple truth.