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Snobbery Versus Victory

My brother sent me an article from the respectable conservative Weekly Standard. It has a feature picture of David Horowitz being escorted to speak at a university forum with two bodyguards. Horowitz is demanding the Academic Bill Of Rights which, among other things, says that a student should have the right to appeal if he is downgraded purely for having a political opinion other than Mommy Professor’s.

The article cites numerous examples of students being flunked for having non-Marxist opinions.

President Cary Nelson of the American Association of University Professors, AAUP, fanatically opposes the measure and makes it plain that he is a Marxist. He says, as I keep pointing out to you here, that Marxists believe that “Everything is fundamentally political and there is no reason why the classroom shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of a being a stage for progressive activists attempting to win converts for their cause.” (Quote from article)

I wrote and published about this in 1976 which split the mainline respectable conservative publication down the middle, one side producing a review called “Read This One!” The Buckley side produced a front page article attacking me largely for my attack on “higher education.”

One very essential point the front page 1976 article made was that was that redneck like me whose specialty was being out on the streets with the Wallace Democratic working stiffs WAS uniquely able to speak for what they later called “social conservatives,” But not about academe.

That was up to the Buckleys of the world.

The Weekly Standard goes on to point out that “mainline conservatives” ceded higher education to the left a generation ago.”

Really? What a surprise!

Does this sound familiar to anybody?

Does it sound a bit like the difference between me and Jared Taylor today?

The Weekly Standard article begins it last paragraph with, “I am persuaded that the Academic Bill of Rights didn’t get a fair hearing. But I am less than certain about what to do next.”

Don’t blame yourself, old buddy, that “uncertainty” has been a job requirement of respectable conservatives for over forty years.