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Don’t Have Touchy People on Your Political Team

I have explained why it is a disaster to have anyone in your team who could possibly have a tantrum and take his toys and go home because of an incident or an article. People who will go to pieces over something you write about religion or any other subject are time bombs waiting to go off, and you do NOT want them around any serious political team, even one as big as ours.

In the regular political arena, though, gratuitous insults to huge segments of votes that you have to get are signs that you need professional care. The Democratic Party did not even notice that when it accused George W of “Dodging the draft in the National Guard,” they grossly insulted millions of people who had served in the National Guard.

It never came up.

The National Guard is a service in which no one anywhere the media elite ever has anything to do with. It is a wok ring class thing, a local thing. So those who claim to represent “workers” by reading the New York Times would not know about anyone but George W who would take it personally.

When National Review did a COVER article against ME in 1976 — which made me so happy I was on air — one quote was that Bob Whitaker was “More comfortable with the kind of people who shop at Niemann-Marcus (The Texas version of Wal-Mart at the time)” than with intellectuals like themselves.

Even from that bunch of political fools, this astonished me. Like Democrats with the National Guard, it did not even occur to them that they were denouncing tens of millions of actual VOTERS, all they had in mind was getting to ME.

I WAS more comfortable with anyone shopping at Niemann-Marcus than with the political moron who wrote that article.

He was working at the Voice of America when I was there and I got to tell him so.

Like when, in the 2004 campaign, John Kerry warned college students in a campus speech that if they didn’t study they would end up in Iraq.

That went over well with the entire military forces and their families.

Yes, in your trusted political TEAM, you have to get rid of all the touchy political time bombs. But electoral politics is an entirely different matter.

The point being that you PICK your team. The voters you cannot choose.