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Don’t Forget the Whitakerisms

I wrote an article repeating another couple of Whitakerisms, but it is up to BoardAd to decide when it should go in.

Whitakerisms are of course Mantra Thinking. If you tap on the new thing “Whitakerisms” on the right of this page, you will see that some 23 comments came in citing these statements of boiled down reality from over 4,000 of my articles here.

You will see that many of the commenters reminded us of some of these statements, and others hunkered down with them and chewed over exactly what kind of thinking this is. That, of course, is the real goal of this whole seminar, and it was a good exercise.

So please don’t allow the Whitakerisms thread to die until I stir it up from time to time.

This leads us to another Whitakerism. I have repeatedly pointed out that a capitalized word is always the exact opposite of the real word: capitalized Truth always means The Only True Faith which grinds simple truth under its heel; the classic example of Mercy is when the Inquisition burned people slowly to death in order to get them to repent and avoid the eternal fire of Hell.

A major part of understanding history is seeing the oppositeness of the exact same word, with only the first letter in the upper case.

When you understand that, you are ready to see why I reject with horror the idea of A, repeat, ONE Whitakerism, but I am discussing Whitakerisms.

Whitakerism are short and useful to you for putting into your thoughts a framework. A Whitakerism would be a book telling you WHAT you should CONCLUDE. A Whitakerism would be a road I built, as they say, with good intentions.

Each Whitakerism tells you a lot of roads, Wordist roads, lead to nowhere. If I am good at this, it may very useful as a compass is.

A compass is indispensable if you know how to use it, but it will never tell you where to go.

So click on Whitakerisms and see if it reminds you of useful points I’ve made in low these many years.



The BUGS Swarm



BUGS Swarm

We may have a winner.

I made a couple of suggestions for a new name for GC-7. Some commenters loyally said they were pretty good, and they were right, War Room or Battling Outside BUGS would do in a crunch. But they are too contrived.

More important, they don’t come from INSIDE BUGS.

I keep saying that a winning strategy EVOLVES. GC-7 itself is a pure EVOLUTION. As the name implies, it is a place to put in thoughts which may have been inspired by my articles, but were so far off track that they would lead comments off of the article itself.

Over a half a century of political strategizing has made it second nature for me to try and then, what DEVELOPES, and then, instead of trying to get it back on my game plan, to adapt my game plan to what is going on.

So my two suggested titles may have been artificial, even War Room is I think stolen from a cable network, but I had to do SOMETHING to get you going.

Now a commenter in GC-7 has rolled out the term “BUGS Swarm.”

It is original, it is OURS, and I think it’s great!

I can almost see one of us as a bee who comes back and reports to the other bees through his body movements how to go get the honey, or maybe the person or bear who is a threat to the hive.

I am also very happy because it is original and it came from YOU.

I am fascinated by the Mantra strategic thinking going on.




The Insanity of Our “New” Established Religion

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The problem is that, when something that has happened before in earlier societies occurs in our present we do not see it as the Same Old Thing. It is Here and Now.

Spengler is known for his theory of the rise and fall of civilizations, but, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, you will find the exact same theme in each succeeding country that is now brown and dead.

We al talk about how Political Correctness is becoming more and more like the Inquisition, and its Protestant equivalents.

The problem is that no one who says this thinks about it.

Recently two top experts largely discredited the Global Warming hysteria when their email correspondence revealed they made up their results as they went along.

When blacks working for the Washington Post and the New York Times respectively completely made up their news, it was a small scandal. One was only exposed because her series was up for a Pulitzer!

No problem. They just got caught, but they were doing it for the True Religion.

But no one sees all this the way, as a simple repeat of obvious history. In each society the priesthood eventually crowds a out all logic and all scientific advancement.

But no one in each society sees it simply as a repeat of the old story, because, like Political Correctness, the NEW priesthood is on today’s headlines or is the latest news in Rome, not connected with hoary old history books.

This is a Whitakerism: There is nothing new about our new religion. Unless you an readjust your thinking to realize the simple reality, you will miss the boat as every other country which was once in the forefront of the world and is now just another brown and stagnant backwater did.

The Whitakerism here is: They are not ALIKE, they are the SAME.

That is where “Political Correctness is not LIKE a religion, it IS a religion,” comes from.

There is a absolutely no difference between those who expect “scientists” to warp everything to come to the right conclusion and the Curia which condemned Galileo.

Marxism states that truth is a political matter. This is EXACTLY the same as the Old Religion, which said that what Galileo saw and could show the Curia, was false because the Will of God said it could not be true.

Western science finally managed to cast off the abortion that was built up in the name of Christ and today’s science is unprecedented. But this struggle was barely won by science in an all-white society.

We are not doing something “new.” We are establishing a priesthood, becoming a brown people. We are doing EXACTLY what all the others did before.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.



Mantra Thinking and Newtonian Physics

Someone wrote me an email entitled “race mixing” and told me he had trouble with the argument that caramel colored children might be superior.


I have pointed out here at least twenty times that this has nothing to do with race mixing. If you use those two words, you have already lost the argument for the Mantra.

This is NOT race mixing. This is aimed entirely at white countries, and it is aimed at there being no WHITE race.

For God’s sake, gang, LISTEN!

Until I finally got some responses to my piece saying to counter the “There are no white countries” argument by simply pointing out that THEY define “white countries” by the fact that they single out EVERY white country and ONLY white countries for their “race mixing” or “assimilation” and for third world immigration.

The responses indicated you had some trouble with white countries.

You could alter the Mantra by saying “white MAJORITY countries.”

This is not a condemnation. The problem is this whole approach is a new way of looking at things. You will have as much trouble as anyone else in changing your whole thinking. I have been sitting here doing that for years, with your help.

But you have to do a lot of intellectual work to get your mind out of the present rut, just the way you are trying to get the other side to do it.

This is the difference between knowing that gravity exists and Newtonian Physics as an explanation for the movements of the entire universe. In getting rid of this “race mixing” nonsense, you are pointing out gravity.

But in order to really be a BUGSter, you will have to change your thinking, like Newtonian Physics had to change its entire view of the universe.

I keep explaining that our information is presently produced for every reason except the simple truth.

In order to change the world, we must see it in an ENTIRELY new light.