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Call Them On It

The Soviet Union was one of the two “superpowers” because of its nuclear arsenal. It was never an economic power, God knows, though all the professional Sovietologist insisted it was until the economists who taught me on our side made reality clear to them in the 1970s.

They say the USSR “collapsed.” Nothing collapsed except the rulership. In fact, the media likes to say “collapsed” to hint that there really was the growing, “centrally planned” economy there that our media and our Intelligence services had described for two generations before this “collapse.”

If you ever went to Russia, you would know that there never WAS a “collapse” of the economy, because there was nothing TO collapse.

Once again, what our establishment must cover up is that everything they said about the USSR was not wrong, it was SILLY. That is the great secret respectable conservatives help them with.

But please note I am giving you this factual background, not so you can EXPOSE the enemy and destroy him with a tome, but so you can understand what you are dealing with here. What you need to understand is that

One of the HUGE advantages you have today that was absent in my early years is that you can simply tell people that those Great Intellectuals and Professional Anchormen are just being silly asses. The media long for the days when that halfwit Walter Cronkite was adored. An audience today would see through him in a minute.

William Buckley got on television in the 1960s when he gave conservatives the idea that they, too, could have some say as peasants in the world of Intellectuals if they showed the proper Respect in the house they, the peasants, were being allowed into, if they first took a bath and kept their mouths shut.

There is no exaggeration at all in the above sentence.

Those were the days when President Kennedy’s visits to Marilyn Monroe were known by everybody but were never mentioned in the press. One reporter noted in his biography that Babe Ruth ran through the aisle of a train, right through where the press was sitting, with a woman after him with a knife. And he and his colleagues scarcely bothered to look up.

Now we have a book about a president doing the nasty in detail in the White House and nobody is surprised.

When you are carrying a message into a different world, you have to change your approach. Back then the old fashioned leaders and heroes had developed a tradition of respect for them that prevented their being called what they were, because so many were not.

But, News and Jews Flash, everyone, the world has CHANGED! People will believe you if you point out that these people are just plain SILLY, but they will change stations instantly if you lurch into a long critical dialogue about how the Much Respected Intellectual has missed a point which will require considerable explanation.

Why? Because it’s not TRUE.

Everybody now knows how utterly ridiculous public figures are these days.

Call them on it.