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Uncharted Ground

It often happens that when someone tries for years fruitlessly and finally gets what he is after, he is left wondering which way to go next.

Or even to measure any further success.

After decades of trying to get a few people not to say DUHH! I have hundreds or thousands of activists out there not only repeating but developing our theme.

This always been a bit of a problem for me, because I never looked for things that could be measured, like membership or readership. I always measured my success in a way that no one else even understood, and I certainly had no way to be exact:

Certain words in certain places.

So maybe it’s time I got some advice from YOU.

If you don’t lose your enthusiasm and your zest for shoving the Mantra up their … consciousness … I have personally succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. What you are doing now will carry the field.

If you keep it up.

My own writings have become PART of BUGS. They used to BE BUGS, but that was back when I was slowly developing the present situation.

And when I say “developing,” I don’t believe that Wise Old Bob already had the present BUGS in mind and was teaching his Disciples what to do.

No, one can read the thousands of articles in the archives and watch ME develop as I wrote for a small number of Southern Nationalists, then for what might be called the extreme right, then, after finding Stormfront, for pro-whites.

My ideology was always what it is, but like so many of us, I kept trying to find he right ALLIANCE for pro-whites to be in. I hate to disappoint anyone who thinks I’m a Prophet, but it took me years to finally to realize, once and for all, that the QUEST FOR ALLIES was what had crippled us for so long.

My old friend and champion William Rusher just died. He led the half of National Review that backed me in 1976 making my twenty-year campaign for a conservative coalition of Wallace Democrats with conservative Republicans part of the conservative mainstream

That successful ALLIANCE elected Reagan and doomed the entire Soviet Empire.

But on the racial front, I had spend the same decades watching every possible alliance betray us.

The problem is that most people look on Hard Intellectual Work as trying to get a one-up on Great Intellectuals in quoting French or Latin phrases or getting a quote from The Somebody Show. People in DC kept congratulating me when my picture was on the front page of the New York Times. To them, that really is success.

I tried not to act like I was acting modest, but that really wasn’t what I cared about.

One of my great discoveries has been that I can attain real power while others are looking for recognition or credit or promotion or any of the other dozen things people look for.

This is a giant advantage. The drawback is that when you try to explain it no one understands what you are talking about. How does making things move the way you want them to move get you what everybody says everybody is really after, money, fame, A Place in History.

My answer is that NOT looking for money, fame, or a Place in History is a major part of my owns success in my own terms. Which makes my measures of success absolutely unfathomable to others.

And now I have an audience that fathoms it.

This is a hell of change to face as one passes threescore and ten.

It is an embarrassment of riches.

So how to I help keep our enthusiasm up?

Or what else do I need to do to help at this time, keeping mind that I don’t have the energy I had,

In any case, an embarrassment of riches beats the hell out of intellectual poverty.