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Green Killed Nature

The Green Movement says that human beings destroy nature.

How can human beings, who are a product of nature, kill nature?

Actually, if you can declare a life form as destroying the natural environment, humans beings are infinitely less guilty than green is. The world had had life on it for something like a billion years before ALL of it was either destroyed or displaced by the first green plants.

What there is of the life that existed in the natural environment, before green plants destroyed it, is down to a few anaerobic forms of life like botulin, gangrene, and that sulfur smell you get when you disturb shallow waters in the swamp.

Animals and plants go extinct all the time, but when green took over, it was such a total environmental catastrophe that it is not even listed as an Extinction. Tens of millions of species died. The entire natural environment was absolutely, totally destroyed.

You talk about man leaving rusty stuff? The entire ocean was red with rust for millions of years, as the acidic oxygen actually ATE iron in the seas!

The Green Movement would consider it a dirty trick for one to bring up the fact that Green is, in fact, the most monstrous destruction of the natural environment by living beings that ever occurred.

And the Green Movement is largely part of the anti-white left.

Why is it a dirty trick to point out that Green makes humans look innocent? Well, because the old earth was ugly.

Oops! But a black who marries a white girl to any extent for her looks, and OJ never looked for any more colored girls, is going to produce a daughter of the very kind that he WOULDN’T marry.

This is reality: Blacks who marry blondes want blondness and destroy it.

But Green produced US! Since Green has a FAR lower opinion of human life than of Noble Savages or animals, which are in their same category, why did the Green have the right to destroy the entire world of life before it?

It isn’t this comparison that is silly. It’s the Green Movement and the PETA types that are silly.

Why am I pro-white? Because I AM white. White people produced ME. How can the Greens love all forms of life and ignore the destruction Green wrought?