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Our Suicidal Tendency

An awfully lot of my thinking is done right here.

For example the idea of Zoroastrianism kept teasing my mind and I brought it up here years ago. There were a LOT of complaints about what that had to do with general theme of Whitaker Online and then of BUGS.

I couldn’t answer because I was thinking out loud.

What you have here is a mental process, not the delivery of a set of Guric (Guru?) Final Truths.

In the back of my mind was this tendency of our Aryan religions to turn toward suicide. Political Correctness didn’t invent suicide as an ideal. If you read the sayings of the Old Norse, most of which are still not translated because historians about antiquity spend all their time on whether any particular Pharaoh had pimples, a huge part of them are devoted to why one should NOT commit suicide.

Zoroastrianism went from an Aryans-only pro-life — in the REAL sense of the term — to a spay and neuter suicide tradition which it passed, through Paul, to the early Church.

But there are more Aryan religions. Hinduism and its descendant Buddhism both seek Final Death. Rebirth is a curse. Transmigration of souls is not a hope, it is the damnation of the Wheel of Life.

Suicide itself, as a personal act, has a different significance in the entire Orient from its meaning in the West. Suicide in Japan, for example, is a form of apology. Reports to the Emperor in China would routinely end with the polite request that the official sending the report be allowed to commit suicide for letting His Master down, no matter how well he had done.

If the Emperor didn’t like what they did, he usually saved them the trouble.

But the point here is that suicide, despite the fact that it was more common in Japan than in the West, was always a sacrifice.

This is what sets ALL Aryan thinking so far away from Oriental in this regard. In every case, the Aryans asked themselves “Is life worth living?” and in each case, from Iceland to India, they kept coming up with “No.” This is not an apology or a self-sacrifice. This is what we would all a “chilling conclusion.”

It is the absolute opponent of Oriental thinking about self-destruction.

And this, after all, is one of our central problems: How do we locate this tendency in our people to see self-destruction as the highest good and get RID of it?

It is true that our enemies USE this tendency to make self-destruction the ideal. But they are using what is THERE, not what THEY invented.

Oddly enough, a few years after I started scratching this intellectual itch about the whole Aryan tendency to adopt self-hatred, the Da Vince Code came out. The one big point it brought out from MY point of view was that this self-destructive tendency was NOT in the Old Testament. Jesus said NOTHING against sex with women except, very specifically, adultery.

Libertine fornication was looked down on by everybody. But Saint Paul’s fanatical screaming against any kind of sex between men and women is totally absent from anything Jesus ever said.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when The Da Vinci Code pointed out the obvious fact that we don’t even know whether Jesus himself was MARRIED!

I wasn’t raised Catholic, I was raised in the depths of the Bible Belt, and I assumed Jesus was a virgin just like every Boston Southie did.

Meanwhile all the tomes were telling us that this suicidal tendency was from an Alien Plot.

You can’t cure your racial disease if you insist on a false cause for it.