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Another Try at “Ends and Means”

I am very proud of the fact that our seminar members level with me.

Writing the piece called “Ends and Means” below I got right off of my original point.

So Genseric’s comment was:

“I am not afraid to say that this one went right over my head and slammed directly into the wall behind me.”

Genseric is right. I wonder what I was smoking when I let myself wander off like that.

Try to get in mind that I was once a Mommy Professor myself, and one is never fully cured.

The point of the article was supposed to be this: Anti-whites always are careful never to mix up a democratic socialist with a Communist, because a socialist may have the same GOALS as a Communist, but the MEANS he advocates make all the difference.

By contrast, anyone whose GOAL is to save the white race is routinely called a Nazi, even though our MEANS are exactly as different from Hitler’s as the British Labor Party’s were from Stalin’s.

To call someone a Communist, you must demonstrate that he advocates, or would happily countenance, the violent overthrow of the government. Further, you must demonstrate that he is in favor of a dictatorship, a “dictatorship of the proletariat” which we saw with Stalin and Lenin.

Hitler’s Brown Shirts used violence. Hitler advocated dictatorships.

I don’t. I’ve seen them and I don’t like them.

The article may have wandered off course because it occurred to me that this is not such an important difference as it was when I was coming up. Back then the Greatest Generation has just fought A War For Freedom and thereby succeeded in turning one third of the human race over to the Communists.

Back then, even honest leftists were afraid of how much farther Communism was going to go. So to a lot of people, the difference between a democratic leftist and a Communist was very, very important. So every college freshman got a set of lectures on the difference between a democratic socialist and a Communist, and you were considered unsophisticated if you confused the two.

But segregationists were unhesitatingly compared to Hitlerites.

The lesson is a bit out of date, but it is worth noting.

All socialists are not Communists, and everybody knows it. All racists are not Nazis, and that is a fact that is still worth taking note of.