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It Is Time for Heresy

People say that Obama can be defeated if Republicans get their act together.

What they can’t say is that there is no act.

Republicans have failed. Democrats just fail worse.

There comes a time when one must start with the realization that all the normal, “practical” stuff has, in plain English, FAILED.

The whole thing has failed and everybody knows it.

What we do in BUGS is to discuss the system itself, not comparing one “side,” as the media call it, to another “side” of the same system.

We all know that America and Europe are becoming third world countries as we have a third world population.

There are a hundred perfectly valid reasons why no one in the present system would dare say that.

And the sentence above defines the system which is failing.

It is simple logic that when the system is failing the only solution is to go straight at the whole basis of the system.

In other words, to say what no one dares to say.

When everyone knows the system itself is failing, NOTHING IS WORTH SAYING THAT IS NOT HERESY.

The Mantra is a great beginning.