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Militant Obedience

Posted by Bob on May 14th, 2011 under Coaching Session

Political Correctness, The Stockholm Syndrome, the Weakest Generation, the Party Line, THESE ARE DIFFERENT NAMES FOR THE SAME THING!

There is nothing complicated, or different, about any of these names for the same thing.

If we THINK about it and get under all the labels and big words, it comes down to something every eight-year-old understands immediately.

It’s called Siding With the Bully

All of us have had experience with bullies from first grade. Stephen King features them in every book, which is one reason for his runaway popularity..

The World War II Generation was beaten into total submission to the bully in Basic Training. The theme of their lives was that they were nothing, and the guy with total power over exhausted teenagers in uniforms, the sergeant, was always right.

The most important parts of history are obvious but missed because of all our synonyms for Siding With Bully, The Stockholm Syndrome, Political Correctness and all the rest.

Liberals and respectable conservatives get paid to debate whether Hitler was special or just like Stalin.

This has nothing to do it.

The point is that Hitler LOST. Stalin simply cannot be lumped in with Hitler because he was one of the Victors.

Once again, while people get paid to debate some abstract point about history, the basis of history is simply siding with the winner. But siding with the winner and siding with the bully are really not different at all.

So those within the System spend a great deal of time showing they are professionals, and not justifying the winning side. They get PAID for this.

But WE are the fools. WE miss the essential point we always quote to show our own wisdom:

“God is on the side of the big battalions.”

All Southerners are used to this from the Civil War. Every kid is used to this from the host of worshippers the mean kid has on the playground.

You see Militant Obedience when you are out there using the Mantra, but it is critical for you to see it for what it is. Our opponents simply quote the bullies.

They honestly believe the bullies are right because the bullies rule the playgrounds.

Think this over and SAY it.

  1. #1 by BGLass on 05/14/2011 - 8:44 am

    “….It’s similar to the cultural marxist idea that if you change the below-ground foundations of politics then the above-ground structure of politics will automaticall start to change to conform to the new foundations….”

    Everyone uses that same thinking at this point, even the non-marxists. Have some miner history also, Wandrin, and the coal camps here were perceived in the backdrop of communist, yes, but also neo-feudalism.

    That piece –the neo-feudalism– got shoved out (unfortunately) in all the “left” and “communist” critique.
    But people weren’t paid in money but script and the company stores were legendary for revolving credit and no escape. Not to mention in mountainous areas, people literally were trapped and there was little physical way out, once one was in.

    Bottom line— people from “right” and “left” want centralized collection of proceeds from labor. The “left” has wound up arguing for “social programs”/education as the justification for its collection. The “right” the neo-feudalist, Welfare-statist-militarist/ rockefeller republican deal— the military and warfare is excuse, just like Rome.

    Half are reliving Rome. The other Zion. Hardly “innovative” populations. This is white european Takerdom from other whites, either way you sell it to the public.

    If the blacks and browns are seen by them to be proxies, the catholic-militarist-right is winning over the jews, (who seem to be dropping blacks and going Asian). Many Catholics are bringing in more Welfare-Statist from the south.

    Communism was an easy sell in the mines, for sure. And people on the “right” (usually welfare-statist-militarists) have no idea how bad that kind of “capitalism” got and why people flocked to the left. Still, it was also seen (not never discussed) as neo-feudal and straight out of that experience that the constitution was supposed to protect people from (for once).

    Imo, “communism” and “left” should always be mentioned in tandem with the neo-feudal “right”—- since they agree on so much together (centralization of collecting the citizen’s money, for instance), the right of a handful of people, often foreigners, to distribute one’s own money to others, and so on.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 05/14/2011 - 9:10 am

    sorry again! this was supposed to be in comments. twice in a week!

  3. #3 by Simmons on 05/14/2011 - 11:22 am

    Having some insight into this since I was the youngest and smallest kid in the class I know bullies.

    Two situations call for slightly different tactics.

    First is when a moron from the bully camp uses the authority of the bully by him/herself without the presence of the bully. You attack that person, but the important part is placing the responsibility upon the idiot and never allow them to use the bully’s name/authority. The personal pronoun “You” being the most important word of your retort.

    When the bully is present with his/her group, focus the “You” upon the bully like a laser, never fight morons. Make the bully pay the price, the rest are expendable morons, like morons are.

    But I’m sure everyone here knows this.

  4. #4 by Dave on 05/14/2011 - 12:40 pm

    Bullying is such a big part of life, always has been, and few ever figure out an effective response to it.

    This is what really ails the Jews. To be born a Jew is to be saddled with being ugly and repulsive in the first place. The Jew literally slides out the womb with a chip on his shoulder. As a toddler he learns his “victimhood” identity. His time honored response is to become a bully himself. The alternative is suicide.

    But it is the kind of bully he becomes is important for us to understand. His response is not the classic tough guy beating other kids up response. You have to remember that the classic playground bully is rather a passionate and heroic figure. That is why he quickly develops a following.

    The Jew response however is effeminate, in the worst sense of the word.

    The heroic form of female bullying is girls using their beauty to put down other girls and to collect male attentions as trophies. This type of girl bully quickly develops a following like the male playground bully, but instead her following is male and other girls despise her for it, while the heroic male playground bully has an admiring male following also.

    This heroic form of bullying is the form of bullying Political Correctness is adamantly opposed to. That is why Political Correctness goes to great lengths in the public schools to suppress it. Political Correctness cannot tolerate anything heroic.

    However, the poisonous form of bullying and the most widespread form, Political Correctness forbid discussing. This is the ugly girl bully. Her form of bullying is to engage in schemes to keep everyone around her perpetually upset. She is the one who becomes the horrid mother and wife.

    She is the plague of the world and particularly the Jews.

    We are flailed by this form of bully 24 x 7 nonstop. Most of what we see in the mainstream media is this form of bullying. It is the form of bullying the Jews excel in, and the criminally psychotic, puerile and juvenile crap the Jews turn out in TV programming is all made up of this form of bullying.

    It is all the product of perpetually upset people aiming to get other people equally upset. That is what Political Correctness excels in. It is simply the product of upset minds determined to sow into the world the foundations of a perpetually upset world.

    Think how the media thrives in people doing crazy, self-destructive, and criminal things. The media loves ruin, criminality, humiliation, de-humanization, deformity, ugliness, psychosis, sexual perversity, and destruction ABOVE ALL ELSE. It is obsessed with these things 24 x 7 without interruption. The media cannot tolerate any form of decency. It hates decency and wholesomeness with all of its heart and soul.

    The media is the ugly girl in misery who cannot tolerate anything but misery in others. The media cannot tolerate anybody or anything that is actually attractive and beautiful, in any sense of those words.

    This is the spine of world culture. You have to see it for what it is. You have to look directly into its intolerable repulsiveness and horrid ugliness with open eyes and see it for what it is.

    You have to see how utterly pervasive it is. I see it in every police force, in every army, in every celebrity, in every government official, in every academic, in every elected official, and in almost every home and workplace. It is EVERYWHERE.

    The only way you can defeat it is refrain from allowing yourself to become upset, under any circumstances, or for any reason, when you detect the true source and reason for things. This is what the Stormfronters don’t get. This is what the Tea Partiers don’t get. This is what everybody doesn’t get who responds to what is going on by being upset.

    This is the very reason politics doesn’t work. Politics is nothing but balkanized groups of people in a state of being perpetually upset. Think of Sarah Palin’s following, for example. If you see her following with open eyes, they are so ugly, low, and humiliating, it is intolerable. It is hard to endure social phenomena that are so repulsive. But every political celebrity’s following looks like this. They are all the same. The ideology they advocate is meaningless. It is what is really going on that matters.

    It is endless. It is endlessly ineffective politics. It is the hell of “Groundhog Day”, the same thing over and over and over again without end.

    The Mantra will fail if its practitioners don’t get this issue.

  5. #5 by Fourmyle on 05/14/2011 - 11:05 pm

    I’ve worked with Soft Totalitarians, all of whom supported each other in their support of The System; it was one big exercise in vertical sadomasochism, done with soft smiles and big knives in the back. All of the High Command were alcoholics, and the Low Command were all on serious tranquilizers.


    Because everyeone had bought into some Game they never really understood, but was continually reinforced by the System – no one was smart enough, or intellectually honest enough, to see where the Maze began, and how to walk out of it.

    They want to trap you in THEIR anger, THEIR hostility, all derived from THEIR (learned) sense of helplessness.

    Dave’s point about Palin’s followers is frightfully on target. These are the churchgoers who joined the Cult of AMWAY years ago, and are waiting for the Next New Thing that will give them an edge over the Darkness that surrounds them. They support activity – ANY activity – without productivity, because they dare not ask the “and then what?” question to its logical conclusion.

    We can not be rational with the irrational.

    We must stand up, fight back intelligently, and keep moving forward on our terms, pursuing our goals, and never for one moment forgetting that we are dealing with people who rejoice when the topic of the genocide of our children, and our grandchildren, is mentioned.

  6. #6 by BGLass on 05/15/2011 - 8:03 am

    This is the ugly girl bully….”

    It is even worse b/c the world is so full of the prettiest, smartest girls decimated by ugly girl brigades b/c they could be the best possible mothers, so they can never be allowed to reproduce.

    The black heart of envy is these cadres of National Orgs of Women, the places even the most horrible bossiest backbiting girls can belong to cut out pretty girl competition.

    The ugly girl brigades are what happens when the ones who aren’t good enough to do hero-bully gang up on the pretty ones. In the world where the men cannot protect her, she is totally f-ed.

    Awhile back, was a book called Odd Girl Out, about the hideous girl bullying she endured, written by a lady who became a model.

    Even now, she cannot understand why being good and beautiful and smart was the cause of such hatred and attacks. The stealing of birthrights and Esau’s tears.

  7. #7 by BGLass on 05/15/2011 - 8:06 am

    Makes me think of that young girl on O’Reilly, too, some time ago, testifying as to how her folks took her to “Tiller the Killer” to abort her baby when she was younger, a truly grisly physical description on her part, and then she testified she became a drug addict. There were just no words to describe what had been done to her, clearly. She was a very pretty blonde girl, very honest and smart. She would have made a good mother. Now her big claim to fame is she managed to survive physically and is not as shell shocked as some of the other girls, and can at least be sober and tell her story.

  8. #8 by BGLass on 05/15/2011 - 8:13 am

    hese are the churchgoers who joined the Cult of AMWAY years ago, and are waiting for the Next New Thing that will give them an edge over the Darkness that surrounds them. They support activity – ANY activity –’

    They don’t seem to have faith God will feed them, no matter what— NOR the power to to man up and die happily, freely if He doesn’t.

  9. #9 by shari on 05/15/2011 - 10:34 am

    There has been real pressure on pretty girls to become whores, because whores don’t make good mothers. There’s even a lot of pressure on ordinary women to be some kind of whore. But that is going to end because ” I just think that God loves me.” That’s a quote of my pretty daughter when she was a tot.

  10. #10 by Fourmyle on 05/15/2011 - 12:31 pm

    BGLAss hit on an excellent point, one that I can tie into an observation made by Jim Giles concerning his Deep South acquaintances:

    “Everyone says ‘God Bless You,’ or ‘Have A Blessed Day. It just doesn’t seem right somehow, it’s like there is something missing.”

    It’s PASSIVE AGGRESSION on a scale that requires them to medicate with food, or prescription tranquilizers.

    They are angry beyond our imagination, and can not accept the anger, much less begin to work through some sort of effectiveness model for themselves.

    The “faith” they have is of passivity, because they have been so damn demoralized by a FATALISTIC, faith-based system – a system that is predetermined to have binary outcomes, all of which are beyond their ability to control in a meaningful manner.

    The gelding of Men, turning them into “Males” – nice touch, that – and the trimming of masculine exceptionalism at both ends of the Bell curve over the last century, has led to a collapse of boys who want to be Men, and have a Path forward, with effective Initiation Rituals.

    The men are leaving the churches, the leading edge of social reform, where they are not only not wanted, but are held in open contempt.

    I see a “below-the-radar” growth in Paganism; serious, disciplined, Alan Benoit style Paganism – as men get to be men under the clear blue sky, with the universe open to them at night.

    They CONNECT with Something Greater than themselves, and leave the sugary sludge of church social food to those who will live trivial lives, meaningless lives, ineffective lives.

    Christianity was saved from gelding (men in dresses as Leaders!) by the incorporation of masculine Northern Paganism. They slaughtered the Pagans, and removed them from the history books.

    The Pagans will not make that mistake again.

    They know how to “man up.”

    I talked with a local Paganist – smart, learned, former Church leader-type – about his new religious system, and how it seemed to support Masculinity while not detracting from Femininity.

    He looked at me and said:

    “First Rule of Fight Club IS?”

    They have ideas that will attract the best men from the Churches; the best men, and their sons, first, and their daughters, when they are ready.


  11. #11 by Fourmyle on 05/15/2011 - 12:38 pm

    shari mae an excellent point.

    Tom Leykis, the foremost radio host ever on the topic of relationships, said the best thing to happen to Men was feminism, because it wanted to get rid of marriage.

    The second best thing was “Sex and the City,” because it taught the women that being a whore was worthwhile.

    The third best thing?

    Miley Cyrus, because she was the role model of eight year old girls; just setting the stage for the new version of the “Sex and the City” mindset.

    The gelding of our young men, and the whoring of our young women, guarantees our Cultural Revolution will have to be most extensive, indeed.

    That’s why I follow Whitaker; he is the only one, afte Orwell, to discuss how hard it is to SEE what is clearly in front of you.

    THAT is the power of Wordism – words, used to define, become ideologies, and tryo to become religions’ our own creations, that we end up serving.

  12. #12 by Simmons on 05/15/2011 - 4:43 pm

    I take it AFKAN and Co. has left the church?

    “Responsiblity” is acid to passive-aggressive behavior.

    Life in the burbs is hell as well, women in so many cases are slowly going crazy or just becoming outright whores, don’t ask about the men they are home doing the chores.

  13. #13 by Fourmyle on 05/15/2011 - 7:42 pm


    My Nephews and Young Miss Scarlett are still quite actively attending several churches, especially the local megachurch, to learn about socialization and develop their skills in social situations.

    I haven’t gone since going with the Nephews, just to make sure it was clean enough in organization.

    I have been working with the local leader of the New Pagans – no name for their synthetic organization – to help define a new model based on Tradition, and what works organizationally.

    I’ve paid for the Nephews to take an intro session at Landmark (the Forum, what est has become). It helped them to see more clearly into Wordist traps, and forced clarity of expression on them.

    This leads to clarity of purpose.

    They are defining their purpose in much greater terms than before, and are actively – no tv, no radio – making themselves better Men, to do better, in the fulfillment of a better Purpose.

    I’ve made a horrific mistake in most of my life, and I am soing all in my power to correct it in the time I have remaining.

    I thought people wanted what they said they wanted, and were willing to do – or at least ATTEMPT – what they had to do to make what they said they wanted the New Reality.

    I have been a Fool.

    The vast majority of people have an addiction to the Consensus Trance that is so great, they have a Militant Obedience to it; literally, willing to engage in self-destructive behavior to gain the approval of this mystical Greater Other.

    The tremendous growth of World of Warcraft/HALO etc., tells you all you need to know.

    The Nephews are spending more time in the woods, preparing themselves and learning self-confidence.

    God, when they come back from a weekend in the woods, they carry themselves like cocky bastards!

    I am so proud.

    The Wordist traps are losing their hold on them.

    Incidentally, I went Back In The Hills recently, and the society is falling apart. Three generations of two families are living under one roof.

    This is called “economic contraction.”

    Back In The Hills they look to the past, with a well-learned sense of learned helplessness.

    My Nephews, and Young Miss Scarlett, look to the future, with a disciplined, focused sense of purpose, that of the conqueror, and not of the victim.

    Thanks for asking!

    “What’s In YOUR Future?”

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