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Africa for the Africans

A white farmer in Zimbabwe died recently from head injuries from an attack on him and his family while he was practically the only white farmer trying to hold onto his land in the Zimbabwe court system.

Other white farmers just left when the government took and divided up their land. His wife and children, some badly injured, are limping out of the country with the rest of the whites who settled there generations ago.

This incident reminds me of the summation of the Dred Scot Decision of 1857, which was “A black man has no rights under the (US) Constitution that a white man need respect.” A white man has no rights under the present Zimbabwe Constitution that a black man need respect.

U.S, law specifically denies refugee status to any white person in South Africa no matter how he is treated.

Under US immigration law, no South African white has any rights that a black South African need respect.

US immigration law states that Africa is for the Africans.

The Thirteenth Amendment only says that slavery was illegal. It freed the slaves, which was a big deal at the time.

A VERY big deal at the time.

From December, 1965 to July of 1868, the status of blacks under the Dred Scot Decision was the official Federal position. The fourteenth amendment’s ratification was false, but the fact of the matter I that, after July 20, 1868, when Seward declared it was ratified, it was ENFORCED.

All bullshit aside, the United States Constitution consists of what is ENFORCED. When the Federal Courts decided in 1834 that a major part of Georgia still belonged to the Indians, President Jackson said “The Supreme Court has made its decision, now let it ENFORCE it.”

And that was the end to the Indians’ claim to half of Georgia., an area as large as ALL of South Carolina.

There is a Whitakerism here, a point that is so absolutely part of our thinking that it is unnoticed.

No one will notice the basic point. People will be scurrying to Google to argue whether the land involved was the number of square miles I have specified. They will ignore the reality:

The Courts have not changed their ruling since 1834. They have accreded the fact that, in the end, all that matters is what President Jackson chose to ENFORCE.

Indian tribes have been given many, many MANY concessions, especially under Political Correctness. But, since 1834, Indian tribes have no rights under the Constitution that white people MUST respect.


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