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The Communist Label is Proven; the Nazi Label is Disproven

One main thing respectable conservatives get paid for is FORGETTING.

McCarthyism is a term seldom used today, but the fact is that everybody McCarthy called a Communist WAS a Communist.. When the USSR fell, the titanic KGB files were opened up. Even the ones Buckley denied were Communists turned out to be right there.

Our local liberal newspaper, it belongs to a chain, had a front page article announcing that Alger Hiss, the one Nixon caught, had NOT been found in the files.

Then he was.

Conservatives have long since stopped mentioning this. It is too embarrassing to liberals, and not being too embarrassing to liberals is what makes one respectable.


On the other hand, when German files were opened at the end of World War II, every newspaper in America would have welcomed word that people like Lindbergh were Nazi agents.

No way, Jose, Errol Flynn either.

We keep getting called Nazis, but the only claims that were ever PROVEN were that American leftists worked as freely with the Communists as the most fanatical McCarthyite would have claimed.

Lately highly redacted intelligence reports have shown that Ted Kennedy was working with the Reds on a number of fronts.

If you hold your breath until respectable conservatives even MENTION that you will suffocate.

Respectable conservatives are busy calling US Nazis.

It astonished me when the X-Files had Darren McGaven playing an old FBI agent who said “Of COURSE there were Communists in the State Department, HUNDREDS of them.” The whole episode turned on the fact that the reason they were NOT found out was because the Aliens didn’t want them to be!

This is a secret only kept by respectable conservatives.

In fact I once explained what happened to all the John Birch and McCarthyite Communists charges of the 1950s. In the 1960s, they went public. In the Radical Sixties, all the Communists came out and in anti-Vietnam rallies carried the Viet Cong banner.

You would have played hell before finding an America First rally in 1940 carrying a swastika.

Jane Fonda praised Communism as did the rest of the “anti-War” spokesmen.

There is a difference between being against the American entry into World War II and carrying a swastika in wartime. There is a difference between opposing an undeclared war and carrying the banner in American streets under which American soldiers are being killed.

But no respectable conservative will ever mention it.