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Should GC7 Be Battling Outside BUGS (BOB)?

Some of us have become fond of the title General Comments 7 simply because it was developed right here, it is OUR thing.

I always worry that I will look one day and GC7 will have died down.

I want you out there fighting the fight. What is going on is, after all these years, just too good to be true.

I have something to look forward to every day. I LEARN from what you say in GC7 in a way I never had a chance to do before. You are out there TRYING THINGS OUT, nose to nose with the enemy.

No longer must I BEG people to PLEASE get out there and TRY something besides News and Jews preaching at our own choir. Finally, at the age of seventy, this dream has come true.

I don’t want to press my luck here. When you have fought this long and this hard and a break like this occurs, you get SUPERSTITIOUS.

But the whole point of GC7 is battling OUTSIDE our own ranks.

I thought of “Battling Outside BUGS” before I realize it comes out BOB.

So I am proposing that we rename GC7 “Battling Outside BUGS.”

The irony is that General Comments was originally named as a place where you could put discussions of things that were not related to the articles, general thoughts that occurred to you. But it was GC7 that developed into our main purpose.

That is the way things have evolved, and as you know, my years of experience have told me that something which evolves is better than sticking to any rigid planning if you want something to WORK.

Speaking of the way things really work, I would also like to know what is going on in Iceland. The last I heard our leader there was getting the silent treatment.

Don’t let a slowdown after a big beginning bother you.

It is easy to assume that movements that have succeeded in history are continuous. We see history in retrospect as a plan moving in a steady direction. I the real world it is amazing how uneven things are. One of the first things you learn in an election campaign is how it all seems to die out or fall apart during the months people on the outside think it is grinding along on a schedule.

My interest in Iceland leads me to make the general point: ebb and flow, not organized conspiracy, is the essence of real political history.