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Mantra Thinking and Newtonian Physics

Someone wrote me an email entitled “race mixing” and told me he had trouble with the argument that caramel colored children might be superior.


I have pointed out here at least twenty times that this has nothing to do with race mixing. If you use those two words, you have already lost the argument for the Mantra.

This is NOT race mixing. This is aimed entirely at white countries, and it is aimed at there being no WHITE race.

For God’s sake, gang, LISTEN!

Until I finally got some responses to my piece saying to counter the “There are no white countries” argument by simply pointing out that THEY define “white countries” by the fact that they single out EVERY white country and ONLY white countries for their “race mixing” or “assimilation” and for third world immigration.

The responses indicated you had some trouble with white countries.

You could alter the Mantra by saying “white MAJORITY countries.”

This is not a condemnation. The problem is this whole approach is a new way of looking at things. You will have as much trouble as anyone else in changing your whole thinking. I have been sitting here doing that for years, with your help.

But you have to do a lot of intellectual work to get your mind out of the present rut, just the way you are trying to get the other side to do it.

This is the difference between knowing that gravity exists and Newtonian Physics as an explanation for the movements of the entire universe. In getting rid of this “race mixing” nonsense, you are pointing out gravity.

But in order to really be a BUGSter, you will have to change your thinking, like Newtonian Physics had to change its entire view of the universe.

I keep explaining that our information is presently produced for every reason except the simple truth.

In order to change the world, we must see it in an ENTIRELY new light.