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The BUGS Swarm



BUGS Swarm

We may have a winner.

I made a couple of suggestions for a new name for GC-7. Some commenters loyally said they were pretty good, and they were right, War Room or Battling Outside BUGS would do in a crunch. But they are too contrived.

More important, they don’t come from INSIDE BUGS.

I keep saying that a winning strategy EVOLVES. GC-7 itself is a pure EVOLUTION. As the name implies, it is a place to put in thoughts which may have been inspired by my articles, but were so far off track that they would lead comments off of the article itself.

Over a half a century of political strategizing has made it second nature for me to try and then, what DEVELOPES, and then, instead of trying to get it back on my game plan, to adapt my game plan to what is going on.

So my two suggested titles may have been artificial, even War Room is I think stolen from a cable network, but I had to do SOMETHING to get you going.

Now a commenter in GC-7 has rolled out the term “BUGS Swarm.”

It is original, it is OURS, and I think it’s great!

I can almost see one of us as a bee who comes back and reports to the other bees through his body movements how to go get the honey, or maybe the person or bear who is a threat to the hive.

I am also very happy because it is original and it came from YOU.

I am fascinated by the Mantra strategic thinking going on.