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BUGS: A Conspiracy to Tell the Truth

I am always terrified that enthusiasm may run out in GC 7.

I was in seventh heaven reading comments on my piece, “It is Time for Heresy!”

At age 70, I finally have my army!

The comments on the Heresy article and in GC7 are a dream come true for me.

At last, here is a group of people who don’t wander off into the News and Jews and general declarations. AT LAST, here is a group of pro-whites who are doing what I did ALONE for so long: explaining the simple TRUTH.

The trick is that there is nothing simple about it.

Just as there is nothing less “common” than common sense, there is nothing that is less simple than simple truth.

Even my many enemies admit that I am highly intelligent and have been there and done that, but I am still discovering new “common sense” ideas and new “simple truths” every DAY.

I have met many, many geniuses like William Shockley, who invented the transistor, and every one of them sounds like he just arrived on Planet Earth yesterday. They are always talking breathlessly about a new idea they have run into.

These real geniuses couldn’t be less like the popular idea of a Scholar, Mommy Professor’s Intellectual.. The Scholar is pictured as repeating Aristotle or Ancient Wisdom or Political Correctness. Real intellectuals are the exact opposite.

Our comments on “It is Time for Heresy” and GC7 are the same way.

No one is trying to impress anybody. There are no big words.

One thing that is funny is that we all look down on Conspiracy mongers.

But, in the truest sense of the word, we ARE a Conspiracy. We are in cahoots and in collusion.

We are a conspiracy to tell the truth.

And it IS a conspiracy. We are getting together and conspiring about how to change the world. That is the very definition of a conspiracy.

After all, the “secrets” of white advancement have always been so simple no one could figure them out. The Romans found that a hundred men who acted as a unit could defeat any number of men attacking randomly.

The “secret” of Western science is that one takes a basic idea and follows it with a rigidity no Eastern philosopher can even imagine. Newton took gravity and explained the universe, but it was because he excluded everything BUT gravity.

Face it, gang, YOU are the only REAL, WORKING Conspiracy around



Hate and the Moron Minimum

I routinely point out to anti-whites that “He’s one of YOUR guys. He HATES whites.”

Please note that this is not pointed as a historical fact about Bob’s life or as a theoretical musing.

I am saying “IT WORKS, dammit. USE it!”

It is the SOP of respectable conservatives to insult and let liberals insult us, while they wax very near the border of homosexuality in their worship of leftists.

Why in the HELL are WE doing the respectables’ jobs for them?

Anyone whose program is to get the white race off the face of the earth, whether by libertarian open borders or Marxist demands for Black Power, is anti-white.

When did THEY ever hesitate to use the word Hate for an attitude hostile to the existence of another race?

I have seen it works, so I get it in there, “He is on YOUR side, he HATES whites.”

This puts them on the defensive. Anyone who advocates the end of his race SHOULD be on the defensive. But conservatives and the Weakest Generation have given US the habit of treating these walking abortions as if they were human.

The Baptist preacher who sees All Mankind as having the right to be in all white countries is as much my enemy as any screaming Maoist Commie.

But it is our habit to yell at the Commie and treat the Reverend like he means well.

They are the same until THEY prove they are not.

I hope I don’t have to go to the Moron Minimum here. The Moron Minimum is where someone will point out a guideline like the one I just did and then add, “But you don’t drive them off by screaming at them or calling them names.”

The Moron Minimum is when a speaker proposes something and then asks “Is it perfect?”

If I had put that into a speech for John Ashbrook he would have seriously questioned my sanity.

When you say “Is it perfect?” you are saying “What you would ask me is ‘Is this perfect?’”

No sane adult is going to ask any human being whether something he proposes is perfect.. It is like saying, “This is as simple as saying two plus two. Now, being ignoramuses, you are going to ask me how much is two and two.

“Two and two is FOUR!”

The Moron Minimum is something you do not accuse adults of not knowing.



The Silent Treatment

About the time we developed speech, older men began to be asked to explain things.

The old men were more and more worthless as they aged for hunting or any of the practical things. They found that they became indispensable as they began to EXPLAIN things.

And nobody Googled them.

Why is this information produced?

The old men began to pour out explanations. They could name the gods from whose spittle the universe got its beginning. They could give you the True Explanation for everything.

Any old man who said “I don’t know” was risking his reason for existence. The moment anyone asked a basic Whitakerism: “Why was this information produced?” one has a whole world view of intellectual history.

History makes it very complicated. The first old men asked these questions evolved into shamans, priests, philosophers, Intellectuals, Authorities, and Mommy Professors. One thing we become aware of is that the Truth of today will not be Truth of tomorrow. But the explanation, as usual with Whitakerisms, is so basic and simple that no one dwells on it.

Least of all the shamans, priests, philosophers, Intellectuals, Authorities and Mommy Professors.

This information is produced for different markets in each generation. And each generation is absolutely convinced that Truth has been EVOLVING to the Ultimate Truth.

Which means the Truth you have now. In every generation, people use the term “modern thought” without the slightest idea how ridiculous that makes them.

And this is where we are stuck until we question the process itself.

But the moment you SEE the process for what it is, you begin to laugh out loud when someone says “modern thought.” Where do you BEGIN to contradict someone who says “The sky is purple?”

People will openly express rage at your “questioning their most deeply held beliefs.” But if questioning their most deeply held beliefs is offensive, a Whitakerism is declaring those “modern” beliefs to be totally absurd.

Whitakerisms make you very unpopular. One is making it clear that what people call “Their most deeply held beliefs” are actually as silly as the population in The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

No one is comfortable around you. You have totally abandoned the usual discussion of Both Sides, even radicals on Both Sides, all of whom think and talk about their “sides” on modern thought that is presently being discussed.

So Creator in Iceland is getting the Silent Treatment.

Get used to it.



Should GC7 Be Battling Outside BUGS (BOB)?

Some of us have become fond of the title General Comments 7 simply because it was developed right here, it is OUR thing.

I always worry that I will look one day and GC7 will have died down.

I want you out there fighting the fight. What is going on is, after all these years, just too good to be true.

I have something to look forward to every day. I LEARN from what you say in GC7 in a way I never had a chance to do before. You are out there TRYING THINGS OUT, nose to nose with the enemy.

No longer must I BEG people to PLEASE get out there and TRY something besides News and Jews preaching at our own choir. Finally, at the age of seventy, this dream has come true.

I don’t want to press my luck here. When you have fought this long and this hard and a break like this occurs, you get SUPERSTITIOUS.

But the whole point of GC7 is battling OUTSIDE our own ranks.

I thought of “Battling Outside BUGS” before I realize it comes out BOB.

So I am proposing that we rename GC7 “Battling Outside BUGS.”

The irony is that General Comments was originally named as a place where you could put discussions of things that were not related to the articles, general thoughts that occurred to you. But it was GC7 that developed into our main purpose.

That is the way things have evolved, and as you know, my years of experience have told me that something which evolves is better than sticking to any rigid planning if you want something to WORK.

Speaking of the way things really work, I would also like to know what is going on in Iceland. The last I heard our leader there was getting the silent treatment.

Don’t let a slowdown after a big beginning bother you.

It is easy to assume that movements that have succeeded in history are continuous. We see history in retrospect as a plan moving in a steady direction. I the real world it is amazing how uneven things are. One of the first things you learn in an election campaign is how it all seems to die out or fall apart during the months people on the outside think it is grinding along on a schedule.

My interest in Iceland leads me to make the general point: ebb and flow, not organized conspiracy, is the essence of real political history.



Everybody Always Has An Excuse for Genocide

Instead of getting into nitpicks about how they have no problem defining blacks versus whites, think out of the box ,THINK inside BUGS logic.

They are going to make the world happy by making everybody forget all those divisions and turn them into Christians or Marxists or Greens or Buddhists or New Wave or Pentecostal and once a particular book, and only one book, is accepted perfectly by every man, all will be well in the New Word.

Just how high an IQ does it take to realize that we have been wiping out religions, races, peoples, species of people, every kind of knowledge that didn’t fit, the wrong shaman, Blood Relics, Pol Pots, Scientific Marxism, Lysenko’s proof that summer wheat adapts in the snow, every one which demanded an end to whites?

So they come up with another formula for perfection which requires that whites must disappear.

And this one form of genocide binds them all together, To be a Loyal American you must demand an American that is brown. A GOOD FRENCHMAN says he loyal to anyone who speak French,

And the Good Frenchman joins with the Good Briton to force Iceland to be brown.

But the Good Frenchman and the GOOD Briton does not insist on massive third world immigration into Vietnam. There is no Great Self-Hatred for a Briton or a Frenchman to scream “racism” at in any Asian country.

So we all know what a white country is. It is land we are all perfectly aware of where Germans, Britons and other sleezes like self-declared French Idealists will be ended by genocide.