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The Only True Gospels, Then and Now

“He tells us, pray in the place where is there is no woman.”

— The Gospel of Judas

Our Gospels were not chosen until the fourth century.

That’s over three hundred years during which we have no idea whether any of the celebrated Martyrs were orthodox or heretics.

EACH Gospel, possibly hundreds of them, was THE Gospel to a huge number of Christians.

A hundred Only True Faiths. The Only True Faiths of some huge percentage of Christians for three centuries were burned.

We only hear about Only True Faiths like the Gospel of Judas because they were denounced in demands that the True Gospels be chosen.

Jesus never denounced women. A major part of Paul’s writings denounced human procreation. What the quote from the Gospel named for Judas is that it was written after the influence of rotting-away Zoroastrianism took over “intellectual” thought.

St Paul, when he was absurd, was being was a Mommy Professor!

But the Gospel of Judas was the ONLY Gospel for a lot of Christians, including those cited as martyrs for the Faith.

Show me a history book and I can usually tell what decade it was written in. That fact makes history patently false. Most of it is factual, but it can’t be real history if you can tell when it was written.

That means that the historical context changes regularly.. If we expect anything from history, it is to give us a consistent picture.

You can generally tell what decades a Gospel was written in as the “intellectual” influences come into it. If that is a problem for history, it is an absurdity in theology! Yet every anti-white honestly believes that he has found something that is Universal and, incredibly, UNIQUE.

A Universalist can only have one loyalty if he denounces all others as tribalists, nationalists, racists. The moment a person starts saying he is loyal to all humanity, he is betting everything on a proposition which, if you, for God Sakes, please, at last THINK about it, really is only fit for a lunatic asylum: He has the Universal Truth.

Her needs no natural feelings or loyalties to guide him.

Those are just Prejudices.

And even the very Christian Dante said that the Tenth Circle, the worst punishment in Hell, is freezing cold.

And the Tenth Circle is for traitors.