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Whitakerism: A Propositional State Cannot Allow Free Speech

Like, the truth of this becomes clear almost as soon as you state it.

If a state’s existence is based on a proposition, it cannot allow the proposition to be seriously questioned.

In a propositional state, all loyalty is based on the absolute conviction that one is loyal to an Only True Faith. History shows us that the one thing that will change where there is free speech is the Only True Faith of a time before.

You can look at “When the Wagons Rolled West” (link) to see what America was based on before the very questionable adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment.

America was seen as part of the movement of the white race, which had moved, in wave after wave, into Europe by succeeding groups of Indo-Europeans, Celts, Germans, Scandinavians, Doric, Ionic, Latin. America was part of that age old tradition.

Even after the Thirteenth Amendment was adopted, the Dred Scot Decision, “A black man has no rights that a white man need respect,” was still official. Until July 20, 1868, when the Radical Republicans declared the amendment imposed by their military dictatorship to have been ratified, the Dred Scot Decision was the Law of the Land.

This is so buried that it is said that the only amendment adopted to reverse a decision of the Supreme Court was the one allowing a national income tax. Every historian states that. Every historian MUST say that.


Because, as in all authoritarian states, history must conform to the doctrine, the proposition.

In the Soviet Union if the economic statistics did not confirm to the doctrine that they were thriving and growing, an economist who deferred from that line lost not just his job but his life.

Any historian who questions the proposition that for the first ninety years of its existence America was dedicated to the proposition that all men were created equal is out on his ass.

A state based on natural loyalties does not have to enforce any particular proposition.

And the proposition can be Freedom.

Another Whitakerism: a capital letter word is always the exact opposite of the same word in the lower case.

The Inquisition practiced Mercy, because slowly burning a heretic alive gave him his only chance to repent and be spared Eternal Hellfire. Torture is part and parcel of True Mercy.

When one says that America is dedicated to Freedom, it means that if anyone questions True Equality they are an enemy of True Freedom.

The result is that anyone who recites actual history is a traitor to the Propositional State.

The lower case freedom cannot allow a doctrine of any kind to be the basis of the state.

The Constitution dedicates America to “ Secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and OUR Posterity.”

By DEFINITION, the blessing of freedom means that you do NOT state the doctrine that is best for yourselves and your posterity.