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The Serpent Had a Point

Eden consisted of a Kingdom of Animals, with a man at its head. Then Jehovah found that the OTHER animals were not enough company for Adam, King of his totally static animal Kingdom.

We weep and we wail that that static Eden is gone.

But if it weren’t, we wouldn’t BE here.

Adam wasn’t happy with Eden. He was lonely.

Eve wasn’t happy with Eden. She was curious.

I am sure the animals were happy with Eden. The lion had plenty of hay to eat before he went to bed with the sheep. The sheep had no complaints.

But the static, mindless world dissatisfied Adam and then it wasn’t enough for Eve.

If Adam and Eve hadn’t eaten the Fruit of Knowledge they would have been able to wander around forever as a pair of mindless, highly favored pets, with a physical resemblance to Jehovah but not with a will of their own. It sounds a lot like the Noble Savages Rousseau praised, except that Adam and Eve were sterile and had less personal incentive than any savage who ever lived.

The serpent told Eve she should risk the unknown.

The serpent had a point.