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History is What Matters

There is a similarity between Mommy Professor’s economics and Mommy’s Professor’s history. Mommy Professor can’t make anything, economic or historical, so he wants to talk about distribution. So huge numbers of Mommy Professors can hire on Black History specialists.

Historians who can’t compete on subjects that are important in the past can write books about how Mayan history has been neglected.

The definition of history is everything that ever happened. Almost all of it is neglected. It has to be.

If you knew every public event that the Mayans considered important you wouldn’t know a lot that’s useful.

A guy once argued that it was a black man who developed a particular inside light that was used inside jet cockpits. I asked him if he was actually stating that, if it had not been for that one black, jets that go twice the speed of sound would now be using CANDLES inside?

That was what he had implied.

Decades ago a science fiction story had people all having bad breath and mussed hair because two blacks invented a mouthwash and a shampoo and without them whites would have never found such advances.

Black history has nothing to do with blacks. Black history is an attempt to prove that blacks had a role in REAL history.

In the 1980s Japan was the Miracle People. They had gone from a desperate starving Asian country to top of the world in per capita income with no natural resources. Japan had the key to the New Age, when they were going to break through to a standard of living as high compared to the West as the West was to every economy that ever existed before.

They didn’t. Japan reached the US per capita income in terms of exchange value, but much lower because its prices were higher, and stopped.

Give Japan credit. Communist countries lied desperately but never even claimed to come to more than a percentage of the US per capita income in any terms. Japan did everything they were trying to do.

But the last thing Japan did to accomplish this was to study Japanese history. Their economy was shaped under the Occupation by an American from before the Weakest Generation. They did what we did and got similar results, while Mommy Professor was changing us to an economy that is stagnant at best.

History is not a collection of facts about all the dead end cultures that ever existed.