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No Egg Walking Here!

Posted by Bob on June 12th, 2011 under Coaching Session

A friend of mine was a third order — lay — member of the Benedictine Order. He liked to talk about old priests who had done forty or fifty years of confessions saying, “If someone would just come up with a NEW sin!” By that time in their careers, they could have recited most people’s confessions for them before they were given.

In the Screwtape Letters, Screwtape, a Senior Tempter of Hell, expresses a like frustration. Hell, he complains, is incapable of inventing a sin. Hell is incapable of inventing anything.

Sound familiar?

The fault, as Shakespeare put it, is not our stars but in ourselves. Like Satan, our fatal problems are inextricably tangled into our own Most Traditional values. Our enemies USE them.

This is an entirely different point of view from the bottom line of Conspiracy Theory. I do not deny the enemies exist. In fact, as in the case of Jews, I explain with perfect, calm logic the reason that Jews are hostile to us.

But Jews do not use their Special Genius — something which fanatical anti-Semites AND fanatical PRO-Semites agree on — to CREATE weaknesses and mental illness in us.

This idea that the JEWS or the Marxists CREATE weaknesses and mental sickness in us has two great advantages for someone who is building a movement.

First, it makes us look good, which is a good way to make anything popular. We are the Innocents, the Virtuous. All that stands between the Aryan Ideal and instant sainthood which we would normally achieve, is the Evil Enemy.

Secondly, the idea that the only bad thing on earth is an invention of Evil Geniuses allows a movement to offend nobody it could recruit.

A movement would be crippled if it had to tell the kind of naked truths about the World War II Generation that I do. You can avoid blaming the Old South for being a bunch of dumbasses for allowing itself to be exploited by the North through the entire first century, paying for the Federal Government’s entire budget by tariffs PLUS the extra prices Yankees were allowed to charge for their goods because of those tariffs.

You can recognize that the Catholic Church IS a major part of the history of even the most Protestant person, because it was there in the millennium the West developed for ALL of us.

To get the masses, you have to walk on eggs.

And any eggs BUGS walks are smashed down to a molecular depth.

Mass movements NEED the kind of people who leave in a huff because you said something impolite of one of their sacred cows.

As I explained at length, those are the people we do NOT need. Those are the people who block any serious activity.

Nope, we will condemn your granddaddy who hit the beach at at Normandy, we will condemn every single Catholic bishop because they ALL knew boys were being molested, and some are KNOWN to have actively assisted it. All of them assisted with their silence.

In BUGS, every sacred cow gets milked, every sacred bull gets eaten.

  1. #1 by Genseric on 06/12/2011 - 6:36 am

    Speaking of eggshells, Swarm activity does appear to be dwindling over the weekend.

    It must be nice outside. 😉

    • #2 by dungeoneer on 06/12/2011 - 9:42 am

      Well,you can`t swarm without a suitable anti-white sting victim.

      One will blunder into our hive in due course,sure as eggs is eggs.

      “In BUGS, every sacred cow gets milked, every sacred bull gets eaten.”

      Yep,what ruffians we are compared to the respectables and Torchlight Paraders LOL

      You`re a wicked influence on us Coach 🙂

  2. #3 by BGLass on 06/12/2011 - 11:08 am

    yes, so many can’t take in their own “badness.” They must externalize this Evil Enemy. If they become aware of this, they can’t handle it and swing to embrace their “badness” saying ‘Man is evil in nature, I admit it, and I am as evil as the next guy!

    When the will to life becomes “bad,” it seems b/c of non-creative taker-ness types whose “going-forward-ness” really is bad, b/c it has to take away other people’s lives, imo. Their will to live does rely on “getting scarce resources.” (always ‘scarce’ b/c they can’t imagine making anything, which would be abundance, a coming forth from within a self). This is a tendency to death and genocide, (of somebody). Deep down they know it, and in murder they fear retaliation, so they have to defame producers all the time, so as the urge of them to retaliate never comes. Genuinely creative people live in states of confusion and fear sometimes, so much are they “eaten up” by this.

    Primitives embrace it, saysing We are winners! We have done in Evil! We will redistribute enemies wealth now! Neo-nazism voices seems to communicate this urge to be squasher numero uno. “We killed Indians b/c we’re great! We’ll just conquer and murder people b/c we’re great! We are the great conquerers.”

    This is the rhetoric on t.v. U.S is po-leese of de world!! How is that any different from an african village raid? This is why t.v. embarrasses some people.

    By contrast, when creative people talk of Evil enemies, they are not just defaming to get something, it is about a vampirish sucking away of their persons, this being copied by the others, this vague sense that if people are copying them all the time, or whatever, it means they have nothing inside their own selves, which is scary.

    Like, most women can’t even cook. but why would anyone buy a cake?— its ingredients are not as good and it tastes not as good and you have no idea who made it, and so on. But it is SOLD as a pampering of the woman— to not create is to pamper oneself. To have time “to relax.” but what is relax? just sitting. i once read that depression and sitting are the same word in sanskrit.

    Then when the empty ones realize that, they engage in the health cults—obsessive workouts and weigh loss campaigns. They are doers! But motivation is everything and their activity is just a reaction to a glimpse of their non-creative, cut-off, way of being.

    —why “unity” is such a chilling word, imo. Alliance implies a meeting of real people with agendas. but unity is submergence of selves. fascism with the little f, totally unreal, a use of the emptied out type person, the getter.

  3. #4 by Creator on 06/12/2011 - 11:11 am

    Perfect timing.
    Just last night and this morning, I came down on a friend, for not using BUGS tactics in comments against a rapid anti-White.
    He should have known better but came out with a typically lame Stormfront arguments after my Mantra talking points.
    So I called him on it and he, not only left, with hurt feelings, I guess 😀 LOL, but deleted our exchange 🙁 which is too bad because they would have been a very good lesson for others.
    Good riddance.

    • #5 by OldBlighty on 06/13/2011 - 4:06 am

      The guys who blame Jews for everything annoy me, because it does not work and they are treating white anti-whites, like white anti-whites treat non-whites:

      They are not real human beings, because they are never responsible for their own behavior – the Jews are.

      Well I have news for these guys. White anti-whites are responsible for their actions and they will be held to account by the people at BUGS.

  4. #6 by Dave on 06/12/2011 - 11:19 am

    “Walking on Eggs” is really about the subject of taking offense.

    But certainly the way “the law” takes offense is unworthy of anyone’s loyalty and that is a larger issue than the legal aspects Political Correctness.

    The world is made up of Molocks and Eloi. The Eloi “take offense” easily. They are the ones that demand “the law” accomplish the impossible and the Eloi are BIG BELIEVERS in “the law”. They want a world that can’t be. That is what Political Correctness is. It wants a world that can’t be. And if there is ever an ideology that is on a hair trigger for “taking offense” and retaliating with PUNISHMENT, it is Political Correctness.

    The Eloi are big supporters of the institutional forms of “taking offense”. The Elio love prisons because to them prisons requite their victimhood and they are happy to turn over large portions of their incomes to support prisons. When I was a kid by happenstance I found myself spending a Saturday with a prison warden at his home. He was 30 years into his career and long in tooth and for some reason he felt the need to give me the skinny on the philosophy he learned. With the sharp ear for phoniness that a kid naturally has, I was sorely disappointed in his rant. He gave me a heads up that I was living in a world where things don’t add up.

    My faith is in hatred and resentment. I have great faith when that is what is in the driver’s seat. That is something that I can count on. That is something I understand. But the Eloi aren’t given to hatred and resentment in the true moral sense. Instead, they want POLICY. That way they get to hate without taking any risks.

    This take on things seems to put me ahead of Mommy Professor and other practitioners of philosophy. Taking offense is a dangerous move in and of itself. And many people imagine they are players when they could never even find the door to the ball field. I see their vulnerability. Myself, I am never so incautious.

    I have been tested by sophisticated people who deliberately have left me up a creek without a paddle to test my behavior, to assess whether I am “player”.

    I have had these plays made on me repeatedly. For example, a guy I was in business with called me at 10pm and said, “Dave, meet me in LA at 6am”. I replied, “I am 1,500 miles away! How do you expect me to get to LA on such short notice?”. He said, “Dave, it is the 21st century! Get your ass here and be on time!”

    So I rush to the airport, pay the big bucks for the instant ticket, and arrive in LA right on time and what does he do? He stands me up!!!

    I called him and he was still in Hawaii. I then realized he was testing me for “taking offense”. He didn’t want to do business with anybody who easily took offense. He wanted to make sure I was a player.

    So I told him, “No problem. The weather is beautiful in LA. I am going to use this opportunity to spend a few days at Manhattan beach. Come on in if you want and we will have breakfast and go surfing together.”

    Refraining from “taking offense” is a very basic issue of personal competence. We need players are BUGS, not Eloi weaklings.

  5. #7 by BGLass on 06/12/2011 - 11:25 am

    No new evils—

    That is how i feel about the american wasp, lol. they have been raked over the coals, no sin unturned. When it started just repeating is when it was over. now, generationally, all learn of the just the same old sins they made, like indian killing, etc.

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