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Stepping on an Egg

Nobody THINKS about the priest-boy molester scandal.

If you THINK about it, the least important thing about it is that there are a lot of pervert priests.

First of all, as in all criminal conspiracies, most of the practicing perverts didn’t get CAUGHT.

But towering above those are the bishops, every single one of whom, including the Pope, were perfectly aware this was going on. You do not make bishop by being ignorant of your own clergy.

Even on the perfectly absurd assumption a bishop didn’t know about it, no lay Catholic would be allowed to get away with a dereliction of duty in his secular life of anything like that magnitude without having to pay for it. None of the excuses of loyal Catholics hold a drop, much less water.

If it was bad for all these hundreds of years in the American Church, this sheds a whole new perspective on the Medieval Church.

Oh, Bob, come on, don’t DO that!

But if I don’t do THAT, what else will I ignore.

Just so, I have looked at real history and found, of course, that the so-called “inventions” of the Middle East were actually Aryan, Indo-European in origin. But “Inventions” include the BAD ones.

There is not a hint of the SELF-hatred in the Jewish heritage. There is not a hint of monotheism before the Jews had the Persian Captivity, and the Persian Emperor Cyrus helped them build their Temple.

Unless Cyrus is unique in all history, his pagan-temple-burning religion demanded a lot of theological concessions for the money Persia spent and the building it did.

In fact, Cyrus’ faith in its origin was an Aryans-only faith, just as the original Olympics were limited to those of pure Hellenic blood. Original Zoroastrianism was a healthy faith. But it as the older Zoroastrianism, degenerated to self-hatred, that St. Paul and the Philistines brought to Christianity.

But what it was NOT was Jewish or Marxist.

The Nazis were not the first to a perfect joining of a couple according to ideal genetic traits. Early Christian stories talked about a beautiful, intelligent, fine woman and a brave, strong smart man, both of them blond and blue-eyed, as the ideal couple which got together after great obstacles had been overcome
Then they spayed and neutered themselves.

The ideal couple had perfect genes. They slept together and stayed sterile, got old, and died.

This is sick.

But it is NOT a sickness created by our enemies.