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Stepping on an Egg

Posted by Bob on June 13th, 2011 under Coaching Session

Nobody THINKS about the priest-boy molester scandal.

If you THINK about it, the least important thing about it is that there are a lot of pervert priests.

First of all, as in all criminal conspiracies, most of the practicing perverts didn’t get CAUGHT.

But towering above those are the bishops, every single one of whom, including the Pope, were perfectly aware this was going on. You do not make bishop by being ignorant of your own clergy.

Even on the perfectly absurd assumption a bishop didn’t know about it, no lay Catholic would be allowed to get away with a dereliction of duty in his secular life of anything like that magnitude without having to pay for it. None of the excuses of loyal Catholics hold a drop, much less water.

If it was bad for all these hundreds of years in the American Church, this sheds a whole new perspective on the Medieval Church.

Oh, Bob, come on, don’t DO that!

But if I don’t do THAT, what else will I ignore.

Just so, I have looked at real history and found, of course, that the so-called “inventions” of the Middle East were actually Aryan, Indo-European in origin. But “Inventions” include the BAD ones.

There is not a hint of the SELF-hatred in the Jewish heritage. There is not a hint of monotheism before the Jews had the Persian Captivity, and the Persian Emperor Cyrus helped them build their Temple.

Unless Cyrus is unique in all history, his pagan-temple-burning religion demanded a lot of theological concessions for the money Persia spent and the building it did.

In fact, Cyrus’ faith in its origin was an Aryans-only faith, just as the original Olympics were limited to those of pure Hellenic blood. Original Zoroastrianism was a healthy faith. But it as the older Zoroastrianism, degenerated to self-hatred, that St. Paul and the Philistines brought to Christianity.

But what it was NOT was Jewish or Marxist.

The Nazis were not the first to a perfect joining of a couple according to ideal genetic traits. Early Christian stories talked about a beautiful, intelligent, fine woman and a brave, strong smart man, both of them blond and blue-eyed, as the ideal couple which got together after great obstacles had been overcome
Then they spayed and neutered themselves.

The ideal couple had perfect genes. They slept together and stayed sterile, got old, and died.

This is sick.

But it is NOT a sickness created by our enemies.

  1. #1 by backbaygrouch on 06/13/2011 - 6:08 am

    For some reason or other Bob seems to think that Catholic bishops are All-Knowing Geniuses in their administrative duties. In this respect they must be different from Protestant and Jewish clerical organization heads who have an equal or greater record of missing adult-child sexual contact. Add to that the administrators of the public school system and the court system, especially the juvenile probation sector.

    The fact is that men are often immoral. Another fact that every administrator has to deal with is that false charges of abuse are a frequently wielded weapon. It is very common, more common than abuse.

    Sorting out the wheat from the chaff is not easy. In sexual matters most people lie and when they don’t they often do not know what they are talking about anyway. People’s minds tend to be very foggy in such matters. There are a lot of mixed signals in the games people play.

    Prosecution of sex crimes is a briar patch. The nature of the offense usually precludes anything other than two opposing witnesses. How do you proceed when the victim has a history of lying and adamantly refuses to testify in any case?

    Bishops, as judges and school principals, are stuck in an impossible situation. Teenaged boys just will not publicly admit to homosexual relationships, though they will use the intimation of such privately as a weapon for blackmail or revenge. Yes, there are a goodly number very evil youngsters. Administrators face a dilemma where there is no provable case and considerable doubt. Most of the cases Bob refers to involve boys of an age that many countries do not consider such activity as warranting state intervention. Add to that, the authorities do not want to touch the issue.

    When no one wants to hear about something it is a waste of effort to speak out. In America too many essentially moral failings have been assigned to courts that cannot handle them.

    Recently in Massachusetts a Christian [Protestant] summer camp worker killed himself. He left a note stating he was tired of false accusations. The press started calling the camp after Sen. Scott Brown mentioned in a book that he had been molested decades ago. The press traced the camp.

    Children can be very malicious. Once they start giggling about someone the stories abound. This is what allowed Margaret Mead to gather her bogus research for the very influential piece of sociological crap, Coming Of Age In Samoa. Many kids think it is funny. They told her what she wanted to hear. They were still laughing decades later when asked about it.

    How many innocent people are to be driven to suicide for the sake of catching one guilty man and then losing that case before a jury because the victim clammed up?

    The media had its own reasons for singling out the Catholic Church, political and cultural, for faults present throughout society in at least equal measure. It is part of a agenda that deconstructs American society. That leads to the displacement of White Christians in America. It is best to not help them out.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 06/13/2011 - 10:16 am

    Sorry so long but—

    would add to BBG, as hard as usually am on rc: these cases can’t be viewed without knowing what has been done in psychotherapy industry, especially with false memory implantation, since some Priest-cases/ memories emerged during such therapies. False Memory Syndrome Foundation’s archive of cases used to be good. At rush northshore med in chicago, the Bennett Braun case, after he mangled a client’s psyche in the hospital, for instance, was 10.6 million OUT OF COURT, (for false memory implantation).

    There was a McMartin splash in 80s, but few outsiders read, in depth, (or have training to do so, since material is so sick and convoluted) the leading therapy methods that create false memory; Freudian concepts of denial, (client/patient does not want to be well, so the hero shrink fights them, etc.), and transference (whatever they are saying is in reaction, not to the reality of how they are being abused by the shrink, but to them replaying some past scene of abuse in their own life), also abreaction, (role playing the past) and so on.

    “multiple personality disorder” (get real) was renamed DID, (dissociative identity disorder), put in the DSM, and is now TAUGHT in rape crisis centers: so “trauma” (trauma theory feeds into this), like sex abuse, is so violent it leads to “splitting off” memories of the abuse (the supposed rationale for why clients only remember years later), this is different from the previous freudian idea “repression,” and the shrink’s job is now to “recover” these lost, split off, abuse memories; it’s also taught in public arenas (like rape centers) that this trauma (sex abuse) leads to having multiple personality disorder. In one case i know of, a rape center was having ALL people who came to them answer pages-long forms about whether they had “lost time,” etc. (anxious to substantiate this diagnosis).

    A good primer is Jeffery Maisson’s Against Therapy, harvard analyst who dropped out. Colin Ross, Lawrence Hedges, etc, Tana Dineen’s manufacturing victims, is a popular toned book, Victims of memory, by a dad falsely accused of abuse, etc.– any normal person would see many “case studies” as the abuse of some vulnerable client in a dark room by a freak on a power trip. meantime, times to sue were shortened by courts. Also: advent of “body-centered therapies” that promote physical contact with clients were introduced (stats of sex during therapies are far higher than most know); the “body work” therapies sexualize the health care scene.

    …add to that fuzzy laws surrounding licensing, the use of t.v. (keith ablow, etc.) to create a market for the experiences, etc. Many case studies create a “how-to” in regards to implanting memories, brainwashing at its finest.

    Such things happen, and a lot. One of Martin Luther’s complaints even. But false-memory industry muddies the water in these “sex scandals.”

    All this said: it is STILL US –WHITES– who do these freak therapies, too. (mostly Lutherans seem to have attempted to bring forth antidote in Cognitive Behavioral therapies or Jungian analysis—methods that counteract by denying use of questionable tactics, etc.)

    The rcc sensibility does still hold that heretics can be persecuted, in some manner— that one has a right to overstep boundaries of another person, by any means even, in order to change HOW THEY THINK. That their version is the only one right version of reality. (Quakers are never going to be heroes in exorcism movies).

    Once the wordist template is in a person (and they are taught it is good behavior to change the minds of heretics by any means necessary) it’s easily transferred onto ANY OTHER SCENE: eg, like war: Our bombings of other countries TO HELP THEM —and we are always helping them— are even called “missions.” (Again, this theme of killing to heal them).

    So these are the same: war interrogation, therapy interrogations, religion interrogations, exorcisms, political thought reform, etc.— and movies about them all have exactly the same plot and same dialogue, if you listen.

    Taking power over another’s internal Realities is the issue. Forced conversions/ highly coerced thought reform.

    Sex abuse charges— came in vogue again, along with other codifications of the body, like the gender stuff. The main game is talking about it. Making it a public focus so it can be controlled. No one really cares what you DO, only that they know about it, that you talk about it, that your privacy is gone by your own self-gabbing, etc.

    One thing I won’t feed is referring to “the church.” the catholic community is only ONE voice among christians, none of whom believe rc have ANY right to name them, and certainly not as “heretics.”

    This one change— never repeating “the church,” will do more to change this depth heresy-meme implantation than anything else. If everyone simply refused this phrase, —this tiny one phrase “thee church”— every single time it was uttered, and said exactly what I have just said: In your opinion, I’m a heretic…

    Or: the catholic community is one among christians and other groups… it would have an impact.

    But you have never never heard this corrected on t.v.—

    “I don’t know anything about ‘thee” church, (or even “the medieval church”) but do acknowledge the roman religious community as one among many, so to privilege it with the article “the” is just simply inaccurate and wrong and a disservice to so many others who are not heretics in their opinions. In your opinion, I’m a heretic….

    The heretic meme is a big one. Anyway, this is sort of like referring to all of Islam as Shia or something. The calipahte or something, would never include anything but shia. So all other muslims would cease to exist, essentially, and be like the girl in the exorcist.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 06/13/2011 - 11:08 am

    All cults crumble in front of the question.

  4. #4 by BGLass on 06/13/2011 - 11:09 am

    Organizing any society around rabid persecution of heretics, under whatever name, is just awful!

  5. #5 by James C on 06/14/2011 - 10:02 am

    Context is everything.

    You can have these kind of frank discussions with people whose loyalty you can trust, and it’s vitally important that we understand our own weaknesses.

    Needless to say criticism directed at our race from anti-whites is invariably an attack.

    It makes a great deal of difference whether the critic has your best interests at heart or hates you and everyone who looks like you.

  6. #6 by Genseric on 06/15/2011 - 10:07 am

    I once saw an entire family leave the Catholic church after the sex scandals Got The Coverage They Deserved. I mean the WHOLE family. I heard they quit the choir, stopped attending on Sundays, participating in church community activities, volunteering in the community at large through their church, etc… EVERYTHING.

    We are talking about the decay of a positive community-building tool here, folks (when church is what it’s supposed to be/at its best). This particular family was Catholic going all the way back to the Fatherland. They were Catholic going all the way back to the Emerald Isle. Not anymore. They had been gutted of their religious zeal overnight, for fear of complicity. They ostracized THEMSELVES.

    And to claim that this was all built on the suppression of pederast behavior? Maybe a little far-fetched.

    Perhaps the silver lining resides in the idea that they can now reassess their loyalties? Perhaps they can still be positive additions in any community? Perhaps they can still contribute to the overall good of their people? Perhaps they can worship outside the church?

    Perhaps. But, it still needs to be called something and people still need to GET TOGETHER in order to make it happen. We call that “thing” community.

  7. #7 by shari on 06/15/2011 - 11:59 am

    Christ said that we should be wise as sepents,yet innocent as doves. Who manages that? Especially in an evil time. It may have been managed much more in other times. I certainly hope so.

    Anyway, I think that something in us is very morally conscious, so we substiute. What’s unholy becomes holy and visa versa. For instance, now it’s holy and kind to run to Haiti and adopt children, while having your own is selfish.

    I don’t really understand what’s wrong with us, but I know we have to recover our right minds. But I don’t accept that certain jews and others who want to tell us that we are just suicidal is true either. So do you Bob, have any ideas that you don’t put forward?

    • #8 by James C on 06/16/2011 - 9:49 am

      The field of Psychology has been dominated by the high-priests of Political Correctness since Freud and the Frankfurt School.

      If we ever manage to liberate ourselves it may evolve into a genuine science that could tell us a lot about our race. As it is students who would be asking these questions are instead being taught that “race is just a social construct”.

      Psychology will never be a valid science until it outgrows that silly dogma and accounts for the reality of race.

      Horus has some good insights if you haven’t listened to FTWR already.

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