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Our Origin?

Mount Ararat is at the edge of the Black Sea, way the hell away from the Holy Land of Palestine, where most of the Bible did NOT take place. Mount Ararat is exactly where a boat would have ended up which was escaping from the flood that created the Black Sea.

There are several theories, as usual, of how the flood looked. We know for sure that about seven thousand years ago there was a tiny bridge of land where Istanbul now sits, and that piece of land protected the fresh water inland sea where the Black Sea now sits, as well as a huge amount of dry land.

So when the sea level rose and Mediterranean water came over into the lake and onto the land, people there had to move fast. They had to become used to steady movement into new lands, year after year after year. They developed a people which adapted or died.

C.D. Darlington, F.R.S. and Oxford geneticist, pointed out that Americans became blonder as they moved West. That fact has been ignored, but never disputed.

So the people who adapted or died had to conquer new lands all the time. It became part of their heritage.

And they KEPT moving.

The rest of their history is contained in the old WOL-BUGS article, “When the Wagons Moved West.”