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Nobody Blames Profiling on Black Criminals

Profiling is not just part of law enforcement investigation, to a large extent profiling IS law enforcement investigation.

A profiler looks for a pattern. He does NOT look for fairness.

The profiler gives out a list of characteristic a perp has, height, weight, accent, locations where he tends to hang out, and every one of those characteristics apply to tens of thousands or even millions of other people.

That’s what profiling IS.

None of this is objected to, because the same public a profiler is being unfair to wants him caught, and is paying the profiler to help catch him.

If a serial murderer is the same size and weight and coloring as I am, it could make me some trouble at a roadblock.

I expect it to. I expect the cops to be on the lookout for people of my size, weight and color, and I’m all for firing the ones who don’t in such a situation.

You don’t have to be a regular watcher of COPS to realize that if a person’s skin is black, he is ten times more likely to have committed a crime. If a person of my general appearance has committed a crime, I expect it to cause me some difficulties.

I do NOT blame the police for that. I EXPECT, no, I DEMAND that in such a case people like me be stopped and checked out.

And I NEVER blame it on the cops.

I blame it on the felon.

On 9/11, Bush’s Secretary of Transportation was a Japanese-American. He declared that grandmothers of Scandinavian descent would be strip-searched every bit as much as foreigners in Arab garb.

The reason Mineta said he did this was his trauma at the treatment of his Japanese-American family in internment camps in World War II.

If a grown man has childhood traumas you put him in a nice quiet place, you talk to him and you give him sleepy pills.

You do NOT let his childhood traumas turn into national policy

Unless you’re a dumbass respectable conservative, of course. The reason people assumed that Moslems with a foreign accent were more likely to be terrorists is because Moslems with foreign accents DID all the 9/11 bombing.

So respectable conservatives demanded that tenth generation American grandmothers be strip-searched.

The reason police suspect blacks of committing more crimes is because blacks commit more crimes.

Nobody, but NOBODY, ever states flatly that that is why you profile blacks.

It’s the reason you profile ANYBODY.