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Icelanders Times a Thousand

Iceland has a population that is almost exactly 0.1% pf that of the United States. Creator says she (?) has a developing wolf pack there, or BUGS Swarm. If so, that’s very important. One member there can have the effect of a thousand members in the US in terms of breaking Media Silence.

A few months back I got a fund raising letter from the Southern Poverty Law Center, signed by George McGovern, asking for funds to end the shortage of black people in Northern Idaho.

No, I am NOT joking. This sounds like the kind of thing someone making fun of the Mantra would invent as a wild overstatement of how far forcing immigration and assimilation on all white areas and ONLY white areas could go.

But it was no joke. SPLC has tens of millions of dollars, and it does not send out fund raisers unless they raise funds. This was perfectly a serious letter, signed by the SPLC’s biggest name, for which its members sent it many, many dollars: getting blacks into northern Idaho.

The only reason given was the extreme shortage of a black population in Northern Idaho.

This fund raiser took it for granted that any place on Planet Earth where there is a majority white population funds can be raised to get non-whites in there.

Iceland has another example of this that would be funny if WE made it up.

There are plenty of parts of Japan with Iceland’s 300,000 population and no minorities. You are going to play hell finding any place outside of the cities in Red China that have a large number of non-Mongoloid people.

So why Iceland?

We all know why Iceland.

Getting through the media silence in Iceland could be a major breakthrough.

Creator might want to have a sign that says, “Why US?”

“Because we are a white majority country, of course.”

That could spread to Eastern Europe: “Why are WE supposed to be ‘ready for immigration?’”

“Because we are a white majority country.”