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Not LIKE a Religion, a Religion

In the Soviet Union about 1980 there was a giant warehouse containing hundreds of thousands of empty plastic circles, each about a yard across and containing about a quarter of an inch of solid material at the edge.

History does not record whether these hoops were finally destroyed, or whether, like so many Soviet-produced products, the warehouse is still standing there, collapsing in the open air and being overgrown with weeds.

Those hoops were put into the Five-Year Plan because Hula Hoops had become popular in America for a short time, tens of millions of them sold.

Marxism says that a socialist economy will plan how much of each good will be produced. What it cannot say is WHICH goods will be produced.

The ideal communist society which Marxism predicts as the end of its Scientific Historical Process is very similar to the Eden Adam and Eve habited in the Old Testament and which I described in “The Serpent Had a Point”. (URL)

A Marxist economy produces what market economies produce. When market economies put out millions of hula hoops, the socialist planners put millions of hula hoops into their Plan.

This is only an extreme example of a basic rule. Like the Garden of Eden, communism at its most ideal is sterile. It produces only what has been produced before. Things like the hula hoop or the automobile are not developed.

Like other religions, Marxism gives us a static Ideal.

We are regularly reminded that Moslem theocracies still live in the past. We know that the Papal States, before Italy annexed them in 1870, were stagnant and oppressive to an extent only matched by Czarist Russia.

What we are NOT told is that the USSR, under the Marxist theocracy, was unbelievably stagnant for three hundred million WHITE people at a time when consumer technology in the rest of the white world was moving steadily forward.

Hundreds of millions of white people did not produce one single new consumer product in the entire Communist period. In fact, despite the cheapest white labor on earth, they did not produce one single COMPETITIVE consumer product, old or new.

In other words, no one else seems to put Marxist theocracy right there in the category it belongs, with all the OTHER theocratic states of history.