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The “Common Ground” Bullshit

One of the fundamental things a Mantra Thinker must insist on is that he refuses to agree on anything where discussion is limited. Respectable conservatives get paid to do the opposite.

Respectable conservatives get paid to agree that all men are equal or all the other “common ground” they have with Mommy Professor, up front.

We all know that Stalin, Hitler and Lincoln simply used phrases that had been agreed on in their respective Constitutions to completely destroy those Constitutions. Actually, Lincoln used a phrase from the Declaration to replace the Preamble to the United States Constitution, but the principle was the same.

America was very specifically dedicated to one thing, “Ourselves and OUR Posterity,” so Lincoln just substituted “All men are created equal” for it. At least Stalin and Hitler used the actual Constitutions.

The point here is that what the Buckleys called “common ground” is simply handing the whole game over to the enemy.

Agreeing with ANY Mommy Professor “principle” is exactly the same as baring your soul to the police without a lawyer present. Everything respectable conservatives ever agree to is used against us when the trial begins.

We have as much in common with Mommy Professor’s so-called principles as a man accused of murder has with a cop who is out to convict him no matter what.

You NEVER have a DISCUSSION with an anti-white. He is trying to keep the talk about “common ground,” but the only common ground is territory that is presently populated by a white majority.

What is non-white belongs to non-whites. What is white also belongs to non-whites. That is the “common ground” on which respectable conservatives have to agree if they are get a pay check.

There is no discussion with anti-whites, liberals or conservatives, because they limit any such discussion. If I am stupid enough to agree that a fair fight consists of my having to have one hand behind my back, then I am a moron who will also agree to some kind of “common ground” with those who restrict what I say, by law if possible, but always by shouts, ruining careers, and siccing their pet apes on you.

The fight does not START until both boxers have agreed to the basic rules.

Anything you say can and WILL be used against you.

Make them LISTEN to the Mantra and agree to NOTHING.