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Between the Respectable Conservative Lines

Posted by Bob on June 27th, 2011 under Coaching Session

When blacks began moving into white areas in the North and property prices dropped eighty percent, everybody with money sense smelled money.

Generations before Jesse Jackson began his blackmailing of businesses for contributions by threatening black boycotts, people were making millions by “block busting.” A block buster was “integrating” housing by bringing in a black and making the area from an all-white neighborhood to an all-black one, and that was all the media covered.

But for every time the media’s beloved Idealistic Activists busted a block, they quietly went to hundreds of other all-white areas and applied the good old blackmail. As in any blackmailing scheme, those who paid first got hit last.

Back then, unlike the Poverty Law Center, you could not find out, least of all from the media, how these Idealistic Activists with no skills or talent were living in huge expensive houses in the suburbs.

But where money is involved, there is always another factor. There is always violence. Jesse Jackson did not invent civil rights blackmail. He was merely the first time respectable conservatives had the guts to talk about it.

One of the many things respectable conservatives get paid for is never questioning that all those rich peoples’ dollars that supported professional blacks in the NAACP and so forth was sincerely given. Respectables considered themselves frightfully brave just for using the term Limousine Liberals.

We are speaking of tens of billion of dollars — 1960 dollars! — depending on where block busting by blacks was targeted. As usual, as soon as I mention it, the whole basis of that assumption looks as naked and silly as it is. Rich people did not give money to organizations which had an enormous control over tens of billions of dollars in the economy entirely on the basis of their political ideals!

But you have to be a Mantra Thinker to see this, and that is why I so often point out things that NOBODY else pointed out for decades.

Urban Renewal very quickly became Negro Removal. The Johnson Administration had the black vote no matter what, but contributions could be encouraged from people who had money by aiming Urban Renewal towards removing the population that caused all that blight.

Today there is a lot of media attention on the harmless sweet Yuppies who are moving in and redecorating the center cities.

Respectable conservatives join the liberal media in agreeing this is just so SWEET. But I seriously doubt ALL those blacks are moving out on a purely voluntary basis.

It is like the takeover of all local newspapers by Big Media chains. If all the local gas stations were being taken over, Big Oil would be examined closely, and nobody would believe there was not one dirty deal involved in the whole country. But there is no question of a question that every single local newspaper sold out voluntarily.

Back in the 1960s, a conservative newspaper called the Atlanta Times challenged the far-left Atlanta Constitution. Things got serious. So the Journal simply announced that no company that advertised in the Times would be allowed to advertise in the Journal, and the Journal not only had plenty of money, but it was part of a national chain.

So the Journal kept its monopoly by brute force.

I happen to know about that, but it was not exactly a national media item. Buckley certainly never mentioned it.

The very people who shout most about how one must be suspicious where money and power are involved observe total media silence about money and power that support Mommy Professor’s causes.

It’s one of the things respectable conservatives do for a living.

  1. #1 by Dave on 06/27/2011 - 11:01 am

    Welcome to a world where everything functions exactly as politics function in India. The game of racial and ethnic coercion, racketeering, and bribery schemes never ends.

    An expatriate East Indian friend of mine said to me: “Do you really want to know who East Indians are? Answer: genetic criminals”.

    Absolutely everything is a racket. Truth is never stated under any circumstances.

    This is the world we inhabit today. Barack Obama fits that world like a duck to water.

    The next election cycle will mean nothing. No matter what is proposed and no matter what, it will all be posturing. The rackets are hardwired.

    Only a fool believes in reform or even that any reform no matter how modest is possible. Won’t happen, guaranteed.

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