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Screwtape’s Gambit

Posted by Bob on July 1st, 2011 under Coaching Session

A guy at our recovery club was preaching loudly. The program includes acceptance of a Higher Power, and he, like so many others, decided that the fact he had accepted a Higher Power made him a soldier in the Army of the Lord.

The old timer said to me, “He’s ready for a relapse.” Sure enough, the guy was in detox within a week.

This is a rule everyone who becomes a sponsor learns. There are similarities between all institutions that survive in a given society, for the same reason that the pattern of two eyes and a nose is routine for Mammals that survive in evolution.

The fact that one is being counseled, preached to, and goes to meetings regularly makes AA in those ways resemble a church. Spiritualism is emphasized. But that can be the spirit that makes you brave all the challenges and beat down your demon.

We see religious people demanding the end of the white race regularly. They seem to me to be doing the same thing someone in the program does when he suddenly decides to be a preacher.

I often gave those I sponsored copies of The Screwtape Letters. Those who read it never saw the Senior Tempter Screwtape as CS Lewis did, as a theological character. They saw him as the voice of their addiction.

In fact Lewis addressed this in The Screwtape Letters. Screwtape advised the junior tempter Wormwood that one way to derail a person’s real faith was a gambit he called “Christianity and the Crisis.”

Christianity and the Crisis, Wormwood pointed out, was very useful because a lot of people were embarrassed about being part of an institution that pursued what Mommy Professor considered spooks like Heaven and Hell.

In order not to embarrass himself at a cocktail party with “educated” people, the Christian is encouraged to point out that he doesn’t follow Christianity as a superstition about Heaven and Hell, but because it is of Social Use. The Christian Philosophy can solve the Present Crisis.

A human being, said Wormwood, begins to believe what he keeps saying. He is not trying to convert others to Salvation, but to his approach to the Crisis. He loses their souls and soon he loses his own soul.

The same thing happens to a person in AA who decides to drop his concentration on the program, on his addiction, and becomes a Soldier of the Lord.

Twenty years after that book was written, the mainline Protestant denominations almost destroyed themselves by going political. They didn’t want Mommy Professor to think they were not hip, so they became Socially Active.

Or, in Marxist terms, political.

Their membership collapsed. The damage can never be repaired, though even the most trendy Protestant churches now advertise the Word of God.

I keep pointing out that the weaknesses out enemies exploit were not invented by them. Our anti-white fanaticism is only an easy step away from the whole history of virtue by being whipped by yourself daily and having every intelligent person spayed or neutered or the Puritan condemnation of all happiness until one is able to go to Heaven and watch the Damned beings punished, an entertainment one enjoys forever.

These are SICK ideas. These are OUR ideas.

They were twisted from the obvious joy of Jesus and the Golden Rule into an obsession with self-torture and self-hatred.

I repeat, these are SICK ideas, and WE came up with them, and WE have them deeply imbedded in our culture and our thinking.

To me, a person who decides to make this complicated and to avoid the fact that we are prone to it because of our own thinking that we must get rid of is like the AA member who decides he is a preacher. The minute you concentrate entirely on what is wrong with OTHER people, you let that demon inside of YOU loose.

Screwtape’s Gambit can destroy our race.

  1. #1 by Dave on 07/01/2011 - 10:00 am

    The consequences of an alcoholic on his way to relapse are born by him and his family alone.

    In contrast, the consequences of the Politically Correct race mixing crowd fall outside their society of mutual reinforcement. Accordingly, it is easy to predict the trajectory of race conflict. It falls first and foremost upon the police who occupy the front line and who thereby become scapegoats for policy. It is not hard to see how explosive this is, for the exigencies the police face “on the ground” necessarily trump the customary rules of engagement the police are expected to follow and the tendency is for the race conflict to descend to a murderous contest among death squads with white police officers full participants. This is the Juarez situation spilling over the border.

    And this is how Mommy Professor’s prosecutors and criminal courts collapse and how Political Correctness recedes to the same cynical lie outside the criminal justice system that it has always been inside it.

    There is much bloodshed and murder the brotherly love crowd must account for, and we are already a long ways down this road. Senior Tempter Screwtape has been ahead of us all along.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 07/01/2011 - 10:59 am

    Talked to a yankee transplant to the south who’d just taken a trip home to brooklyn, then said he couldn’t believe it! How could they put up with it?—and he enumerated the usual saga of dependency-oriented behaviors of city people, blank faces on public transports, armed guards at stations, bizarre creatures no one minds in drinking water, cow like numbness with dailiness of crime, climbiness on ladders to nowhere, etc. People in brooklyn could not have been stupider in this guy’s opinion, (even if he’d been one of them just a year before). They were”sheeple!” Why did they put up with all that control?

    Finally, somebody said, ‘Why do YOU put up with it?” He’d gotten a cage a little bigger (he had a yard now and his own private transport (car), so in brooklyn terms, he’d won the freedom lotto). Meantime, it was in a crowded suburb with the usual restrictive covenants and the water still sucked and so on.

    The convert character gets some little new piece of information, then decides it is THEEE truth. He will always believe the next newest thing, and turn right around and degrade the thing he just left behind, even if, as in this case, he was slamming his own family members who were now just stupid brooklyn sheep.

    It’s arrogance, imo. They expose that they simply cannot conceive that anyone is a step outside where they, themselves, happen to be with their new true believer information. Even worse, they usually want to ‘carry the message’ like every other holy missionary.

    Anyway, that’s what makes them so usable.

    And why it’s best to refuse to be embarrassed by who you are, as well as who they say you are. Otherwise, you will be like that–the sheep who know they are lions.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 07/01/2011 - 11:38 am

    This arrogance allows many to sit through the daily First Milestone Meme report on the news— and not even guess it could affect them. The “first mexican to…first asian to… first jew to… first black to… be valedictorian, win a spelling bee, whatever.

    the story is a repeater, just like the weather segment and the natural disaster segment.

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