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Is It Better to Give Them the Finger or Thumb Them the Nose?

BBG is a highly educated man. But he has no trouble identifying with the very people Mommy Professor considers lower than whale refuse. In his case, he has a natural identity with working class Catholics, the infamous Southies and the Chicago Poles.

I am a highly educated man. But I like to think that the people I am comfortable with in the same way are looked upon by Mommy Professor’s Yuppies as even more loathsome than BBG’s folks who get their hands dirty and genuflect on Sundays.

Yes, BBG can cite history to show that the grubby, dirty-handed people he champions have more history as being loathed by the Intellectuals. Yes, hating Catholics was called “the anti-Semitism of the Intellectuals” two centuries ago.

That is a useful knowledge because Mommy Professor was nailed as a bigot a very long time ago.

It’s just that for some reason this does not come up much in the Universities Boston Southies pay for.

It is very important to keep in mind that Mommy Professor’s bigotry is a hatred that has been obvious for a couple of centuries.

But Ole Bob wants to be more persecuted than BBG.

And above all, Ole Bob AND BBG want YOU to be aware of where the REAL bigotry comes from and who it is directed AT.

BBG gave us a bit of his own experiences. I want more. And the only way an egomaniac like me can force it out of a fellow egomaniac is by talking about me as if I were unique.

I worked a whole campaign in the steel working district of Chicago in 1968. People regularly asked me to stay the night and I felt right at home.

I lived in houses in the coal union areas of West Virginia in another campaign for Kanawha County. It would amaze Mommy Professor, if he cared, how little difference there was for me in either place. Catholic or Holly Roller, there was the same picture of Jesus on the wall I had been raised with.

One time one of our Kanawha County folk, Avis Hill went up to South Boston and played his Holy Roller songs for them.

They loved him, of course. But when one of the Southies called our press man, he pointed out that Avis had left his boots up there and he wanted to get them back to him. He said, “Winter is coming, and we don’t want Avis barefoot in the cold.”

Now if I were a good Priest of Political Correctness, this would prove that the Semites of the Intellectuals actually make jokes about us Bible Belters, so my folks are more persecuted than BBG’s are.

But our people simply are not the Mommy Professors who hate their own people, or the Bible Belters who consider a grin a Sign of Satan, or starving and whipping yourself a sign of Godliness.

In the Bible Belt, far from the actual Northern Irish, the charm of that group to us was they laughed, they drank, they danced. They were everything our sour-faced Hard Shell Baptists were NOT.

And BBG’s Irishmen saw much the same thing in us.

Northern Irish might be rowdy, but they were Obedient.

To them Avis’ music and his attitude represented a kind of pure rebelliousness they wanted to see in exactly the same way we wanted to see Irish drinking and dancing and joy.

There is absolutely nothing original in Mommy Professor’s Politically Correct self-hatred. There is absolutely nothing new in Mommy Professor’s going ballistic every time we use a word wrong.

The Northern ethnics thumb their nose at the Puritan Wordism of Mommy Professor.

Us rednecks give the finger to the rigid rules Mommy Professor thinks are so original

We belong together.

The only thing standing in the way is folks like BBG who cannot face the fact that our finger is more offensive to the enemy than his group’s nose,