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Respectable Conservatives Are Paid to Forget, Leftists Are Paid to Remember

A guy at my recovery club was giving me a lecture on how long I could not talk about my classified stuff.

There were several points I could not make. The first was which side I was on. A lot of old men I worked or dealt with in Africa or South America could be sentenced to death because of it.

The left has an infinite memory span.

I could not discuss any incident that was even vaguely related to a death. Nothing is easier for powerful people to do than to bring somebody in on a decades old death and get them on trial for murder. Even in America, to a leftist anywhere on earth, any charge of a Violation of Political Correctness almost guarantees an indictment.

I recently received some photos and other stuff from a file that went back to the 1970s. Before you get too impressed, the simple fact is that there are tons of stuff to be declassified, and mine was simply not a priority.

One woman in Britain is a popular figure, and she constantly brags about her work giving British secrets to Stalin. I don’t think I need to contrast that to what would happen to anyone associated with Hitler, or even with Franco.

So this guy, who had been military intelligence for some time before drinking himself out of it, lectured me and I sat there, as I have so often, the way I would in front of a six-year-old who really thought he knew the world.

I enjoyed the Dexter books, though I stopped watching the series after the one series ended with a big, slobbery kiss between Dexter’s white sister and a black whose eyes said he loved her dearly. That is not in the books so far as I know at all.

But trunking showed up in the book. Everybody has heard of necklacing, but trunking was done by the Viet Cong, the Shining Path, and the People’s Liberation Armies that were supported by the World Council of Churches.

It was on a far, far higher level than I am aware of in the Dexter book, but trunking just means cutting a person’s arms and legs off and leaving them to die. It was pretty routine for the People Love and Liberation Forces, but don’t hold your breath until anybody discusses it.

In fact, the only reason it was mentioned in a Dexter book is because some Americans “learned it” in El Salvador. No such activity on the other side was mentioned except that “both sides did it.”

Have you ever heard of a Soviet atrocity in World War II?

The problem is that this difference in facts about left and right is admitted even by the far left. But a butt kisser who had been taught the written rules regards it, as does everybody else, as theoretical stuff. It never occurs to anybody that if you are to survive after a career in anti-Communism, this is a very, very practical, everyday matter.