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The Screaming Industry

Posted by Bob on July 5th, 2011 under Coaching Session

The world is a very different place from when I tried to explain to people in the 1950s that there was no such thing as “a little integration.”

I could see that black men would never be satisfied with black women, that the populations of colored countries would never be content with the societies that colored people produce. All our immigration laws and segregation laws, were aimed at protecting the white world and the race itself.

Why? Because if not protected, the white race and all it offered humanity would disappear.

This was not my unique insight. Harry Truman said that he had always assumed that America was essentially a white country. The problem was what to do with the non-whites. When Truman integrated the military, what he intended was removing barriers for non-whites.

I even heard Hubert Humphrey give one of the reasons that the third world hates us to be “the fact that we’re white.”

When I demanded segregation or some substitute for it that would prevent the end of our race, the reaction was that I was being an alarmist. The one thing integrationists insisted on was that there was no threat to the future existence of the white race.

Integration was presented as a Norman Rockwell thing, three little boys, the one in the middle black, walking along hugging each other.



So if no one today is reminding anyone of what the whole thing was about, what WAS our side doing?


Throughout history, the Screaming Industry has been incomparably larger than any thinking industry.

As soon as academia had built a reputation on supply and demand, on Occam’s Razor and disciplined mathematics and rigorous science, The Screaming Industry took it over.

It wasn’t long after Jesus died on the Cross that his insistence that the world was to end very soon was forgotten. The Screaming Industry took over.

Mantra Thinking faces the Screaming Industry. The Mantra, like Occam’s Razor and Newtonian Physics, states a basic rule and the Screaming Industry is able to hammer reality back by screaming its religion and demanding Punishment for all who disobey.

The Mantra is not new thinking. What the Mantra addresses is very, very old. Every time the white race tried to use its mental discipline to deal with age-old problems, the Professional Screamers called it Paganism or Atheism just as the label is Racism today.

When people are doing things that make sense, no Screaming Industry is necessary.

When the Screaming Industry is in full cry, nothing can counter it but Mantra Thinking.

  1. #1 by Dave on 07/05/2011 - 10:16 am

    The screaming industry is no substitute for communal self-possession.

    So much of what academia does is furnish explanations for a world that is out of hand. But it is just a form of grasping at straws. You cannot address an out of hand situation by recommending courses of action that are out of hand. And upon that count, the Establishment is entirely too wild.

    The racial feeling that the white man ceded to Mommy Professor’s civil rights doctrine shall be recovered. And that portion of the white race that has suffered and will suffer ruin at the hands of Mommy Professor’s civil rights doctrine received and shall receive their just deserts.

    Just where does racial feeling come from? How is it ushered into being?

    Being forced to fight for the bare survival of your race means something. And therein lay transformation and renewal. Since when is it unjust that white people lost their nations in the bargain? IT WAS THEIR BARGAIN. Now let them live with it and suffer before it.

    I have lived among black people and Mexicans long enough that I am quite clear about what they see in their eyes. And there are far too many white people who take far too much for granted. It is a cliché, but you do not know what you have until you lose it. And there are a lot of white people who sorely need to have their noses rubbed righteously in their crap.

    We whites in America have lost our nation. That is the fact on the ground and there is nothing that is going to change that fact. And because it is a fact, nonwhites have no idea of the horrors that await them. Their hopes for the future have been shaped by odious influences and they are in the throes of profound miscalculations. None of them, even the most intelligent among them, seem to fear their fate once the white man turns upon himself.

  2. #2 by shari on 07/05/2011 - 3:24 pm

    Here’s a fabulous mantra thought from Tanstaafl. “No matter how many people oppose it,segregation isn’t genocide. No matter how many people support it, compulsory integration is.” You could also use “scream against” and “scream for” in there.

  3. #3 by Fourmyle on 07/05/2011 - 10:18 pm

    “Screaming” worked as part of the “Swarming” tactice used by the “Left,” and works beautifully as we have been gelded into being rational with the irrational.Pure, righteous anger, the kind we have been denied to feel, and denied to access, the kind of anger that burns away the lies like mist in the morning sun, harnessed to productive efforts, is what balances the Screamers. By letting them Scream, and paying more than the most cursory attention to it, we validate them, and they at least distract us from doing what must be done. Remember, their practices are to invalidate us, neutralize us, and demoralize us, into effective impotence. Their attack goes across ALL repeat ALL Institutions, and is relentless. It is as effective as water; soft individual drops merge, and have a cumulative effect that lets them casually destroy cities. The difference is, these drops are intelligent, these drops are controlled from a central philosophy – hatred for the West, the White Race, Civilization, and the Fatherhood Patriarchy.

    The absence of these things assure one and all that we will resemble Mexico, with snow, from a demographic perspective, all too soon, and even then, their failures will be blamed on invisible forces we created. In fact, remove the “batteries” from The Matrix, and the West remembles the lowest common denominator of those who remain. Think Detroit, at night, or Juarez, at any time.

    The Conservatives wasted half a century telling us things were bad, while deliberately ignoring the one realistic solution to the problem. The Way Forward will be long, and challenging. I have a friend who is quite skilled in very advanced demographics, and he called to talk late one night, which is very unusual for him. He said, after emailing me the latest spreadsheet, that he so fears for the future of his grandchildren he lays awake at night, imaging what will happen if the status quo continues. He also said there was no one else he knew he could talk to about this. He was all but in tears. The Cold Mathematics spoke for themselves.

    (Apparently, the Consensus Trance is also used as a psychological defense, literally shutting down certain paths of thought. Think of the ending of 1984, with Winston writing in the dust of the table, “2 + 2 = .” He literally could not think it through.)

    I told him the answer was to harden his heart, and prepare, with a mindset that makes Genghis Khan look like Mary Poppins. Prepare to help develop a System that operates parallel to the System, but outside of it. Prepare ruthlessly, as the System totally supports the horror to come for his grandchildren, and himself.

    He knows how to deal with the Screamers, and the Swarmers. He knows now.

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