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Anyone with the slightest sense of history would have realized that, with the growing profitability of Nazi genocide, the reaction would itself become genocidal. This is the kind of simple and obvious point our side never mentions because it never realizes such simple realities.

It’s WAY past time for us to get real.

Communism led to a fascist reaction which included Hitler.

Catholics burning heretics caused Calvinists and other Protestants to burn Catholics.

There are THOUSANDS of historical examples to show that an extreme reaction is to an extreme action is ROUTINE. It is a regular theme of human behavior.

Which shows how BLIND our side is. We NEVER pointed out the OBVIOUS.

Because we are so tied up in complications that we never SEE the obvious.

Repeat: It is past time to get REAL.

If you step back you can see that when one says that any attempt to save the white race is Nazism, it is exactly the same as someone who insists that the only way to stop Communism is fascism. Nobody uses the word “fascist” as often as Communists do.

And vice-versa.

Someone who insists that the only way to prevent a leftist totalitarian state is a rightist totalitarian state is a fascist.

Someone who insists that any opposition to his racial program is Nazism is obviously selling the same product, genocide.

Our collective reaction to obvious facts like this has been “DUHH!” and I am SICK of it.