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Posted by Bob on July 6th, 2011 under Coaching Session

Anyone with the slightest sense of history would have realized that, with the growing profitability of Nazi genocide, the reaction would itself become genocidal. This is the kind of simple and obvious point our side never mentions because it never realizes such simple realities.

It’s WAY past time for us to get real.

Communism led to a fascist reaction which included Hitler.

Catholics burning heretics caused Calvinists and other Protestants to burn Catholics.

There are THOUSANDS of historical examples to show that an extreme reaction is to an extreme action is ROUTINE. It is a regular theme of human behavior.

Which shows how BLIND our side is. We NEVER pointed out the OBVIOUS.

Because we are so tied up in complications that we never SEE the obvious.

Repeat: It is past time to get REAL.

If you step back you can see that when one says that any attempt to save the white race is Nazism, it is exactly the same as someone who insists that the only way to stop Communism is fascism. Nobody uses the word “fascist” as often as Communists do.

And vice-versa.

Someone who insists that the only way to prevent a leftist totalitarian state is a rightist totalitarian state is a fascist.

Someone who insists that any opposition to his racial program is Nazism is obviously selling the same product, genocide.

Our collective reaction to obvious facts like this has been “DUHH!” and I am SICK of it.

  1. #1 by BGLass on 07/06/2011 - 7:02 am

    Kids used to have to memorize Newton’s laws of motion, and once that’s done, they can think of cause-effect-reality. Maybe they could think of it, anyway, just from idiot observation. But the fact is, Newton’s laws were a big deal and this should be funny maybe since they are so obvious–(every action causes a reaction, and of equal force, etc.- so it seems to speak to the incredible power of the Wordism Newton was up against, saying something so stupid and having it be a big deal. Like ‘what goes up comes down.’

    Little kids think it’s weird that teachers tell them what is so obvious and they are tested on it, when they have real questions.

    Wordisms “train the gaze,” so people look one way, not another. So they only ask some questions, not others.

    Some genuine academic research should be done on all the sex controls in communism–from Bela Kun/ Luckacs and the reaction they drew from Hungarians in attempting the sex programs, to the connections between Magnus Hirschfeld and Kinsey and other sex institutions, and the Weimar sex clubs, of which there are only a couple books, seems like, right up to Dr. Ruth and the t.v. shrink codification of sex practices and the co-option (suppression/sublimation) of female sex desires through the butchy feminism (sex desires sublimated to produce workers born-and-bred as tax producers— something Freud suggested in his work on drives and sublimation). One could go on.

    Maybe none of this could be possible —how PC Religion uses sex “drives” (work on how to manipulate “drives” was frueds contribution, to control populations)— without theee church using similar methods before, things seen now in the pedophilia cases, which Luther complained about, way back when.

    And that could not be possible, in turn, without the same methods used under the various “paganisms,” which would be interesting to know about. Of course, ONLY THE “pagans” had weird sex rites and did terrible things to little kids (like “sacrificing them.” But in some other era, how will we be seen to have sacrificed them?

    So, another thought on that— just that it’s best seen against the backdrop of the whole history of institutions of “power” and crowd control working on studying “sex” and invasively going at people (whether therapies or confessions, etc.), to co-opt and control this drive so intrinsic to life, itself. But nobody bumps that conversation to the next level, of how sex has always been used— and how that causes a reaction in populations.

    Marxism is such a small, narrow little view of the universe. it has a few insights, or old insights re-said in a new way, but ultimately, a great Wordism in how much it narrows and cuts off any broader, and especially historical cause-effect thinking. Even the people who say ‘they use sexuality for control’ do not say—SO DID THE People before them, like theee church.

    Marxism can be silly, like taking seriously elections in which one obviously choses between “welfare” or “war” and these are the big choices. The whole thing is reliant on never having the power to wonder if one mightn’t just WANT something entirely different. When americans first spoke of ‘freedom’ many wanted freedom from oppressive state power. Few seem to want that now.

  2. #2 by Dave on 07/06/2011 - 10:16 am

    The civil rights concessions made by white Americans meant ruin.

    But that does not mean the matter of segregation and apartheid has been concluded.

    The locus of the race conflict was moved to the police who have no means of escape.

    The Establishment is blind to how untenable this is, for an important part of the coming rebellion shall be within the police that can only be forestalled through the continuance of acceptable compensation to America’s police unions.

    The leverage of police unions is one of the great secrets of American politics – secret to the public, not to politicians of course, well aware of the extent of the bribes required to keep police neutral on policy.

    It was no accident that President Obama himself was brought to account to an ordinary white police officer in the Henry Louis Gates brouhaha. The political class knows the location of the sensitivities they cannot avoid, and with all the union busting no one attempts to bust police unions.

    This is another one of those things that is so obvious people ignore it and it is going to continue to take a lot of money to keep white police officers in line – money that is increasingly difficult to come by.

  3. #3 by Epiphany on 07/06/2011 - 7:50 pm

    The Soviets and the Nazis were, albeit in their way, deeply religious!

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