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Fine Clothes and Rock Soup

Posted by Bob on July 11th, 2011 under Coaching Session

I keep repeating the fact that not one single professional Sovietologist even hinted in the early 1980’s that the USSR was about to go. This is a matter of giant importance.

The Wall Street Journal, I am told, actually does have monkeys throwing darts at the names of stocks that are taped up. They report routinely that those Market Experts with giant corner offices with a view are statistically neck and neck with those they pay in bananas.

This is known to all, and it has importance to none. The same Market Expert who got old ladies to buy stocks with the name Dynamic in their titles twenty years ago are still being called upon by people who represent old ladies just like the ones they ruined.

Everybody is bored when you mention the Emperor’s New Cloths, then they go ahead and bet billions on the word of someone who has a talent for wearing a coat and tie and for saying something fashionable for the market media

When Back to the Future was made in the 80’s, the top executive shown on the TV was Japanese. It was assumed that, due to their growth rate, the Japanese would lead and would show us the economic future.

Well, the latter proposition turned out to be true.

Japan had a financial collapse due to the excessive trust of Insiders. The Big Names in Japan had traded on their names and reputations without adequate money to cover them until it all collapsed around their ears.

Which was EXACTLY what happened in the US in 2008.

And both were simply The Emperor’s New Clothes. Experts and Market Media kept up each others’ reputations until they slammed into reality when the bottom line kicked in.

It happened in Japan in the 90’s. The same thing happened in America in 2008, and nobody noticed either time.

In order to be noticed information must be produced.

The information is that the Market Media and the Experts are screaming examples of the Emperor’s Clothes.

The same is true of Campaign Professionals. In order to hire a Big Name in professional campaigning you have to have a giant budget AND none of the Big Names will take you on if you will embarrass them.

Ergo those who can hire Big Names win or make a fine showing 99 percent of the time.

And those who are worshipped as Experts keep putting on those Clothes and they keep producing that fine Rock Soup.

  1. #1 by Dave on 07/11/2011 - 10:18 am

    The so-called Soviet experts took THE DESTINATION, the only thing Communists talked about, seriously. Of course they couldn’t help but do so. The Soviet experts were part of the Establishment and the Establishment is incapable of perception except through the lens of ideology, which is always about THE DESTINATION, a product of the psychopathology and deformity of Mommy Professor.

    The Establishment is incapable of understanding the concept of “being in motion”. All the Establishment cares about is its sick DESTINATION. The Establishment doesn’t give a fig about freedom and what freedom really is.

    White people cannot tolerate stagnation. They HAVE to be in motion. In contrast, nonwhites only care about THE DESTINATION, handed down to them by Mommy Professor. Nonwhites are incapable of being in motion. They are endlessly stagnant while their leaders talk down to them about THE DESTINATION. Just look at Cuba and the Castro regime as an epic example. Since 1959 the Cuban population has been enslaved and wholly under the thumb of a single vile criminal psychopath. Since 1959!!!

    You will never hear the mainstream media mention the number of attacks Castro has carried out on innocent Americans. No one in the mainstream media has ever bothered to count the number of innocent Americans Castro has murdered. Once more, the mainstream media never even reported not even one of these murders for what they were. I will never get over the bitterness I feel about the murders of innocent Americans in my town carried out by Cubans that got into America in the Mariel boatlift travesty.

    That taught me that it is not possible to be too cynical. Still today, all these years later, that evil bastard and militant traitor Jimmy Carter is walking around without ever having suffered justice for the ghastly crimes he suborned against Americans in favor of nonwhite immigrants, which pretty much sums up our plight.

  2. #2 by boffin on 07/11/2011 - 1:56 pm

    I once had a political science instructor who told how he was denied his PhD because he wrote his thesis arguing that the USSR was going to collapse. His left wing professors didn’t take too kindly to that.

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