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Paste and Report

Some of our team workers put in a sentence saying “Go get em gang!” or another statement in that vein.

They are not trying to look Profound or impress us.

They just want to help.

And they DO!

Nobody can read what is not there.

Look at yourself from the OUTSIDE.

Yes, the enemy depresses us by his repetition. But our enemy also depressed us by the fact that he is EFFECTIVE.

Fifty years ago, some of my fellow activists were upset with me. I don’t remember, but I am sure I was being an ass.

I forget the details, but several high-voltage people who were upset with me went to a leader and wanted him to keep me out of demonstrations.

His reply, not flattering, was something like this:

“Whitaker is a pain in the ass.”

“He bitches, he insults people, he is vicious against those of us who are on his side.”

“And he is THERE.”

“Whenever I need him, Whitaker is THERE.”

“I’ll listen to you when you start being THERE like Bob is.”

Do you have any idea what it means to one of us when we are in the middle of an exchange and one of our guys just bothers to copy and paste in the Mantra?

Lord Nelson is in there fighting it out. You an be damned sure they will be there calling him names.

Then you come along and past in the Mantra.

If you had any idea how wonderful that feels to the fighter in the ring you would give yourself a medal.

I write an article a day, so far. But to keep me going, I look to BUGS SWARM.

I know what it means when you say, simply, “I pasted the Mantra into this site.”

Paste and report.