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Seeing the Elephant

Posted by Bob on July 26th, 2011 under Coaching Session

Back in the 20s Will Rogers said, “I belong to no organized political party. I am a Democrat.”

Being from Oklahoma, he was a Southern Democrat.

“No organized..“ seems to be the theme of my political life. The Populist Forum was a group of three people with no budget who had an enormous effect. We represented grassroots protests from textbook protestors to anti-busing groups and then independent truckers, striking farmers, and we finally stopped taking clients because we had to earn a living.

The tiny and forgotten Populist Forum had more to do with the forming of Reagan’s 1980 combination of working Democrats and conservative Republicans than any two conservative groups however well financed.

The Populist Forum brought the West Virginia protestors to Washington and wrote their press releases, set up their press conference with our own Bob Hoy as Moderator, and left the rest to them. Those West Virginia protests were news at the time, but this gave the press an actual face-to-face look at them.

We then brought both the West Virginians and the South Boston bussing protestors in with a total of about twenty thousand who chartered their own buses and marched in the Washington, DC streets.

These were actions the DC press could understand and the people who mattered wanted to hear about.

For the Independent Truckers, I came up with the delightfully subtle idea of parking these giant vehicles across the main bridges into DC at morning rush time. This made the papers for sure and I didn’t discuss my role to anyone until the statute of limitations ran out.

People, especially reporters would ask what the PF was. But the only explanation of it was unusable for them.

The bottom line was that the Populist Forum was a tiny group of people who were forcing the press that was sitting on its lazy ass in DC to see the faces of grassroots out in the area DC, New York and Hollywood called “flyover country.”

I tried a dozen ways to soften that into an acceptable article, but there was never one single piece on the Forum itself.

The Populist Forum, like BUGS, “just grew.” PF was hard to explain to people, and I am sure you have already tried to explain BUGS,

But the Populists Forum is unknown to history, it had more to do with the actual political combination that elected Ronald Reagan and brought down the Soviet Empire than any of the heavily funded groups whose names went down in the history of the Conservative Movement.

BUGS is very much like PF in that sense. In order to describe us you have to state in plain English the nature of the Wall we are hammering at. The Wall of censorship about white genocide is the same kind of wall the media had set up against actual grassroots protests against enforced Political Correctness.

Everybody knew about both. No one in the media ever wants to write an article about the elephant in the living room. That’s why there IS an elephant there.

  1. #1 by BGLass on 07/26/2011 - 8:08 am

    For some little kids, Mr. Whitaker was like a pinprick of light through a dark hood thrown over a lamp. A glimmer that said somebody knew voiceless kids were getting beaten up on the bus and made confused by books— Eldridge Cleaver being burned into the minds of young white girls who had barely begun to think about sex. Previously, had non-white girls had that for education? Teaching them their rapes by white men were great acts? There seemed to be no examples of this.

    One lost subtext is the generational effect of this narcissism of adults. The root of the “generational conflict,” the hatred of “grownups.” This use of kids, not even for their self-aggrandizement, but just so they’d be popular, ‘liked by the left,’ (or the right) not even any real politics. Just sheer usury.

    People “home-school” all around me now. It’s very “trendy.” They are “neo-yuppies,” mostly neo-conservatives, who have no idea why “home-schooling” even emerged, and would not even think to ever ask.

    They use “home-schooling” for “discipline” or “safety” and definitely “status” (since it says they can afford it). It says they are “great parents” b/c they “sacrifice” (this means: with mommy at home they don’t make nearly what they could rake in on a two-parent salary and this is the big sacrifice.)

    They have no real religion, or heritage, or history, or anything and spend no time on this in their lives— but they are cool home-schoolers, and very interested in the idea that “home school is the new harvard” (something they heard said, so maybe it will “get our kids in ahead of the curve.” HS will help ‘beat out the other kids.’

    That their own kids are now learning from them (who are roducts of public schools academically, and more importantly, attitudinally) never even occurs to them. They are conservatives and their kids will have a “freedom of choice in products” (this is “American freedom in their conception).

    Lol, seeing many just go back to PS, with all its warts. A difference is awareness now. Their kids are ahead of the game in that they know the score. They’ll bypass the learning curve of hitting reality.

    Motivation really is everything.

    Deep down, those HS’ed by parents so the parents can look trendy will be hated by them. So, some are even choosing, very aware, a modified PS approach. We are even past “coming full circle.”

  2. #2 by Simmons on 07/26/2011 - 9:13 am

    Bob is talking about the old media, more akin to a private club or a cult.

    New era media is a headline attention grabber then read the comments section for the real info most of the time.

    Yes that means reading thru a lot of junk but in the comments you will find the best info.

    The internet as far as I can tell is the whitest thing in the world, the glorious people of color only show up to play the victim card like a subway platform bum plays the productive whites.

    Take this Norway thing, all the respectables and semis sound like it is a 1985 green room interview for “Face the Nation”, the comments sections are split, half are from the cult of conservative flagelation and half are Mantra.

  3. #3 by Dave on 07/26/2011 - 10:11 am

    The rhetoric of our time is ideologically mired in the semantics of academic economics and the euphemisms of “cultural values”. But using the term “mired” is incorrect. These ideological semantic domains are a sealed container out of which nothing regarding race is allowed to leak – extremism in the EXTREME, a great outlier of ideological extremism in history.

    When we all ride in the same bus, we lose sight that we are in a bus.

    The Mantra and the struggle for the preservation of the white race remain the seminal political conflict now and for generations into the future. Robert Whitaker is the creator of an epic that shall prove epic. I am certain of it.

    The very essence of politics and economics is ABOUT RACE AND NOTHING BUT RACE!

    The thought and writings of Robert Whitaker are a big leak out of the container of the semantic domains that imprison us. That container is leaking Robert Whitaker. If Robert Whitaker were to die tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter. That container is going to continue to leak Robert Whitaker. And the leak shall get bigger and bigger. RELENTLESSLY.

    Generation after generation. The world is going to be utterly transformed by that leak.

    What is BUGS? The people of BUGS are the first passengers on the first train leaving the station. We are epic passengers. We are historic passengers. We are the stuff of legend.

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