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GO, SWARM!!!!!

It is such a delight for me to read BUGS SWARM!

Once again I beg you to at least copy and paste the Mantra in one place and report it in BUGS SWARM.

I used to offer a lot of advice here on how to fight the fight. But now many of us are in the thick of the fighting and they deal with the difficulties, often, let me admit, better than I would.

Whenever someone uses “anti” or anything else except “anti-white” I just have to sit and wait for them to be corrected. A correction by two separate people is better. We are her to win, not to rub someone’s ego.

Someone with a delicate ego will get out of this hot kitchen FAST.

And with so many people getting in here and DOING I get some points I never got to when I was the only one in there and DOING on white genocide.

The entire YouTube strategy was developed in BUGS SWARM.

A point was just brought up there that was advanced even for me:

Is it better to pour comments into YouTube that have a small audience or to put them into those with a huge audience?

The argument for big audience YouTube is of course that the Mantra sticks out there. Another BUGSTER argued that the Mantra gets lost in the huge number of comments.

It’s certainly a valid point, and we have no statistical way to test the effects, any more than most advertisers can show the connection between their advertising and selling.

My whole purpose with the Mantra was to state the undeniable fact of white genocide when it was being crowded out and ignored. I WANT anti-whites and everybody else to be grinding their teeth about how SICK they are of it.

In my opinion, no matter how large the number of other comments, the Mantra will be seen by a lot of people.

I, of course, ask you to put it in EVERY site you can.

It is so good to have other people making points only an active Mantra person would learn to make. When one of our people gets sidetracked, someone in the SWARM immediately reminds him that we are not here to convert anti-whites, but to get the Mantra to public attention.

This does not mean you should not bring in readers with a good fight for them to see. It means you should keep it to the Mantra and of its reasoning.

It is always better to put something that has to do with action into BUGS SWARM than not to.

Just a few minutes of your time will make Ole Bob a happier man.