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Seeing the Elephant

Back in the 20s Will Rogers said, “I belong to no organized political party. I am a Democrat.”

Being from Oklahoma, he was a Southern Democrat.

“No organized..“ seems to be the theme of my political life. The Populist Forum was a group of three people with no budget who had an enormous effect. We represented grassroots protests from textbook protestors to anti-busing groups and then independent truckers, striking farmers, and we finally stopped taking clients because we had to earn a living.

The tiny and forgotten Populist Forum had more to do with the forming of Reagan’s 1980 combination of working Democrats and conservative Republicans than any two conservative groups however well financed.

The Populist Forum brought the West Virginia protestors to Washington and wrote their press releases, set up their press conference with our own Bob Hoy as Moderator, and left the rest to them. Those West Virginia protests were news at the time, but this gave the press an actual face-to-face look at them.

We then brought both the West Virginians and the South Boston bussing protestors in with a total of about twenty thousand who chartered their own buses and marched in the Washington, DC streets.

These were actions the DC press could understand and the people who mattered wanted to hear about.

For the Independent Truckers, I came up with the delightfully subtle idea of parking these giant vehicles across the main bridges into DC at morning rush time. This made the papers for sure and I didn’t discuss my role to anyone until the statute of limitations ran out.

People, especially reporters would ask what the PF was. But the only explanation of it was unusable for them.

The bottom line was that the Populist Forum was a tiny group of people who were forcing the press that was sitting on its lazy ass in DC to see the faces of grassroots out in the area DC, New York and Hollywood called “flyover country.”

I tried a dozen ways to soften that into an acceptable article, but there was never one single piece on the Forum itself.

The Populist Forum, like BUGS, “just grew.” PF was hard to explain to people, and I am sure you have already tried to explain BUGS,

But the Populists Forum is unknown to history, it had more to do with the actual political combination that elected Ronald Reagan and brought down the Soviet Empire than any of the heavily funded groups whose names went down in the history of the Conservative Movement.

BUGS is very much like PF in that sense. In order to describe us you have to state in plain English the nature of the Wall we are hammering at. The Wall of censorship about white genocide is the same kind of wall the media had set up against actual grassroots protests against enforced Political Correctness.

Everybody knew about both. No one in the media ever wants to write an article about the elephant in the living room. That’s why there IS an elephant there.



The Reporter Industry

During the Patricia Hearst kidnapping episode, the entire national media was on the lawn of the Hearst Mansion, playing touch football – which was OK since the Kennedys did it, and like activities.

While they gamboled on the Hearst Porch, a reporter from the National Inquirer, I believe it was, went out and found the Symbionese Liberation Army and Patricia and the whole story.

You have often heard of “leaking” a story. This is a very difficult process, because getting the media to even read what you have to say is an art in itself.

Totally contrary to popular belief, reporters do NOT go out and get stories. They have a grind that would put a professional bean counter to sleep.

Speaking as one who put so many stories into the press, I can state expertly that reporters are at the beck and call of whoever is in the establishment. In the 20s it was Henry Ford or some other tycoon. Today it is an approved Politically Correct Person.

About 1970 Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan and some other PC Symbols decided to push the women’s Equal Rights Amendment.

So they picked up the phone an told the media that going to have a press conference announcing that they were now the Women’s Movement and they were going to announce the Agenda for American Women. The press showed up in hundreds and it has been THE Women’s Movement ever since.

The interesting statistical fact here is that, while other national movements had represented minorities, this one declared that it spoke for the majority of Americans. But the agenda they announced was accepted as “the women’s agenda.”

The membership of the Women’s Movement is miniscule. The largest women’s movement opposes it and the leader of that group says that the fact that it is the largest actual women’s movement is the media’s deepest secret.

We are back to the basic question: Why is this information produced? Reporters make their living by producing what their editors can use. Editors make their living by producing information which satisfies those with money.

A critical point is that this is a ruthlessly competitive market. A thousand newsmen are competing for the editor’s job. For every reporter, there are dozens who want his job. Someone who provides words from a Kennedy is on the fast track, and probably the ONLY track, that will finally single him out as the next editor.

The reporter who broke the Patricia Hearst story didn’t get much for it inside the press. He certainly was not accepted into the Big Leagues with the guys playing touch football at the Hearst Mansion.

The Reporter Industry is an Industry, putting out mass produced articles to those who want to keep up with the same things everybody wants to keep up with.


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Mommy Professor, Clean Hands and Dirty Corpses

In Age of Chained Books, when a quote from a book was a precious morsel and a wealthy college at Oxford might have as many as twenty books chained to the wall and a full time Librarian to watch them, a precious quote from a Book was everything.

In the Google Age, we are at the opposite extreme.

But I have never seen anyone mention this, much less analyze it.

And analysis of reality is what Mantra Thinking is all about.

Our whole medical history, for example, has been the story of going from the worship of Chained Books like that of Galen, who said in the second century that the best thing you could do for somebody with pneumonia, as George Washington had done in December, 1799, was to take a couple of quarts of blood our of him.

The combined result of all these bleedings is hard to calculate. Poor people who were starved for vitamins would get sick and the barber would do the bleeding. It was prescribed by physicians who had seen Galen’s Book, but it was such an icky business that, unless the patient was very Uppah Clahss, they turned bleeding and surgery over the barbers.

Doing was for the peasants, Books were for the Doctors of Medicine.

Which, by the way, is why the term “doctor” has changed so. Doceo, docere means “to teach” in Latin, and it was revolutionary when Doctors of Medicine became practitioners.

It required a Doctor of Medicine to cast your horoscope in medical terms. Instead of looking at your body for symptoms, he literally looked to the sky. A medical horoscope was reserved for the Doctors, and they only ordered the bleeding and mixtures of smashed snails and particular types of dung for you to swallow.

The ban on dissecting bodies was not, as they like to say today, just a matter of church doctrine. It was looked on as filthy and beneath the station of Doctors of Medicine.

Medicine in the Chained Book Age had lots of what passed for clean hands and lots of corpses.

The cause of death of the white world is not really new.



We the People or It, the Wordism?

The Gettysburg Address was a work of genius.

The Gettysburg Address begins by telling Americans what they are devoted to and ends by saying what the People want is entirely up to the People.

You can’t have both.

But the Address is so poetic that I am the first person in the intervening century and a half to state this self-contradiction.

“Government FOR the people and BY the People” does not square with a republic “dedicated to the proposition.” If the people are dedicated to a proposition, their choice is already made.

The People are fathered. They ask, “What do we want?”

They then say, “We are dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”

So the question would be not what the people WANT, but how to make all men equal.

Which explains why the immigration problem is insoluble for Americans.

Government by the people would say that immigration would be limited to those who are good for the people, meaning the people already here.

But if you are dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, and that is your goal, what is good for the people already here doesn’t mean a damned thing.

There is nothing unusual about a person with two such beliefs. He is perfectly capable of welcoming a Mexican as a fellow human being and then killing him when this mind shifts to the “What I want” mode.

It is a condition called schizophrenia.



Paste and Report

Some of our team workers put in a sentence saying “Go get em gang!” or another statement in that vein.

They are not trying to look Profound or impress us.

They just want to help.

And they DO!

Nobody can read what is not there.

Look at yourself from the OUTSIDE.

Yes, the enemy depresses us by his repetition. But our enemy also depressed us by the fact that he is EFFECTIVE.

Fifty years ago, some of my fellow activists were upset with me. I don’t remember, but I am sure I was being an ass.

I forget the details, but several high-voltage people who were upset with me went to a leader and wanted him to keep me out of demonstrations.

His reply, not flattering, was something like this:

“Whitaker is a pain in the ass.”

“He bitches, he insults people, he is vicious against those of us who are on his side.”

“And he is THERE.”

“Whenever I need him, Whitaker is THERE.”

“I’ll listen to you when you start being THERE like Bob is.”

Do you have any idea what it means to one of us when we are in the middle of an exchange and one of our guys just bothers to copy and paste in the Mantra?

Lord Nelson is in there fighting it out. You an be damned sure they will be there calling him names.

Then you come along and past in the Mantra.

If you had any idea how wonderful that feels to the fighter in the ring you would give yourself a medal.

I write an article a day, so far. But to keep me going, I look to BUGS SWARM.

I know what it means when you say, simply, “I pasted the Mantra into this site.”

Paste and report.