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Swarm is Making the Anti-Whites Squirm

Yes, I am a dedicated idealist and I sincerely believe I do not do things for revenge.

But if revenge is a by-product, I can’t help it if it goes down easy.

For a person who loves his own race, it is torture to spend year after year dealing with the same nonsense, over and over. They spread the word that racial IQs were “proven” to be the same, when there was no real hint of it. They repeated “the Great Black Civilization” crap.

Half a century ago I applauded when Stokeley Carmichel said, “If I hear six million Jews one more time I’m gonna puke.”

Every Yankee I knew insisted that the most brilliant person he ever met was black.

Please note these are just a few examples of hundreds.

It makes you very, very tired to deal with the same nonsense over and over and over, while the person saying it to you is the hundredth who has.

But then it got creepy. The hundredth person thought he had come up with it, just like the twentieth did. When it came to originality, you might as well have been dealing with a retarded goldfish.

But Bugs Swarm is now repeating the Mantra. And the problem with the Mantra is that it is TRUE, unlike those repetitions I was tortured by for so many years.

Swarm Commenters describe the screams of pain from the anti-whites as they hear the Mantra and the phrase, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” over and over and over and over.

It feels so good to see them getting theirs.

It is also interesting that those of us who have been in this fight through the decades always got tired because we had to repeat the standard simple truth against each repetition of a standard false statement.

Those who are bombarded with the Mantra have no way to answer it. So they are trying to deal with it the way they have dealt with any questioning of their policies: by shouting them down, or telling respectable conservatives they sound like bigoted rednecks, or telling each other in the publications they control they will no longer stand for such “extreme” statements.

What is ironic is that the main argument of self-styled Marxist Revolutionaries is now to have the media denounce real opposition as “extremist!”

Hit ‘em again, gang! They are screaming in pain, and it warms Old Bob’s scarred heart.