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The East Tennessee Meeting Will Be Different

I hope that when I am out of the picture my kind of thinking will have heirs.

The Mantra has heirs, but Mantra Thinking requires a more general discipline. It consists of not just quoting wisdom but taking it apart.

For example, anyone who studies politics knows that when a person is trying to be candidate of his party, he must appeal to a different constituency than he does once he becomes the candidate of the party. The people who vote in a party’s primary are a very different crowd from the electorate as a whole.

The only time this reality was really discussed was when liberal Republicans built their entire careers on misinterpreting it.

But it is nonetheless a serious consideration. A pro has to run a different campaign for the nomination than he does for the general. That is why his most embarrassing moments are when opposition researchers on the other side quote remarks he made during the primaries.

But most people know this rule about politics but do not analyze it further.

If you do the Mantra Thinking, and you generalize this rule and DISSECT it, it can make the difference between victory and defeat. It applies to every movement and every cause. It is a matter of life and death to every cause.

What are chances that someone who rises to the leadership of a movement will be the right person to WIN THE BATTLE it is fighting?

The people INSIDE a movement who choose the leaders, actively or passively, are entirely different from the general population or the power group on which the whole cause depends.

I have yet to see anyone even NOTICE this vital rule outside of open electoral politics.

What about the East Tennessee meeting Derek Black is setting up?

All the National Alliance Conventions in New Orleans and the American Renaissance conventions that followed them did well because they had a lot of hellaciously good speakers. The crowed showed up to get a show, and they sure as hell did.

Many, many books were sold.

East Tennessee will be comparative flop if those are the standards. Sam Dickson is one hell of an entertainer, but what I have to say may be as dry as dust to people who come for entertainment.

I had one speech, once, in New Orleans and since then not one single convention of any kind on our side has asked me to talk.

This doesn’t give me stage fright. If you have given a lecture on basic economics to a hung over class at eight on Monday morning for years you get very hardened to it.

But I doubt Derek will read this, and I am anxious that he not compare this meeting to the rousing ones his seniors put together.

It is probable that a meeting that concentrates on what is needed for victory in the general fight will not be repeated if it is judged by the standards of meetings that were set up to entertain.