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More on Irony

While respectable conservatives make a fortune talking about the great intellectual errors the left makes, a Mantra Thinker realizes how incredible childish their thinking is.

Anyone who makes that clear is out of the media.

Sometimes it isn’t even childish, it is infantile

If you have ever raised a baby, you know that one of the first hard lessons it learns is that if you give it away you don’t have it any more. We have all seen a child just learning to talk offer its candy stick or whatever to an adult.

Sometimes an adult takes it and smiles to please the infant. But the infant looks at his hand and suddenly starts to cry.

You can’t give everything away and then still have it.

You can’t impose your form of democracy on the whole world with huge military expenditures and not go broke.

You can’t let the whole world into your country and maintain a high wage scale.

A BABY learns this before he is two years old.

But nobody will TELL Americans about this, any more than anybody will point out that Obama is a Jackie Robinson who can’t hit.

Showing any respect for anti-white “thinking” is a lie and a subversion.