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The Fatal First Step of Social Progress

People outside the Beltway, and many inside, don’t know the First Rule of big-timer political activism.

Some guy told me he was so blitzed out, — he said it was heat stroke — that he suddenly found himself in the Ladies’ Room.

Now there are a thousand comments a normal man might make or questions he might ask, most of them funny, of course, in reply to this gentleman.

But as a Beltway product I asked, “Were there as many bidets in that room as there were urinals?”

I immediately glommed on to campaign that could guarantee a livelihood: a program demanding just as many, and as good, bidets in every women’s restroom which contains urinals.

Naturally, as bathrooms stopped providing urinals, I would go to court to show they are just doing that to avoid the Bidet Rule. All the civil rights precedents would be on my side.

One could go on to a Bidet Rights Movement. No It would be attached to the No Child Left Behind program.

But the big difference between me and most readers is that I am NOT joking.

All my life I have seen fat livelihoods produced by ideas that were specifically declared absurd ten yeas before. The SPLC has raised millions in a program based on its breath-taking discovery that the proportion of blacks in NORTHERN Idaho is far below the national average.

This is real money gang.

When I used to argue that one black in a college was part of a program that was part of a program that inevitably would lead to chasing down every white in every white country on earth, it was considered a joke.

Most of the time I couldn’t even give examples of things like chasing whites down in NORTHERN Idaho and every country in Europe that bragged about its Culture, to Americans suddenly declaring that it was a multiculture, and the concept of, say, a French culture” could send you to prison as a Hitlerite.

There is nothing going on that I didn’t predict.

To be a respectable conservative you must grovel and wee-wee on yourself over the Great Strides “we” have made.

Until lately.

You must agree, marching in time, that each step that led to today was perfect until a couple of decades ago. Then you must make your living criticizing what those same powers are doing now.

I sure came equipped to be sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous. I knew that, in many cases the first sip is poison.

If they can’t handle it, don’t let them take it.